English Objective Expecting VVI Questions for Bihar Board 10th English Exam 2020

By | April 2, 2023

Bihar Board English Objective VVI Questions with Answer 2020: Students who have to appear in the Matric exam 2020 such students can do revision with this very very important English Objective Questions. Students for better preparation of the BSEB Matriculation Examination 2020 looking BSEB Xth English MCQ Objective Questions Questions with Answer. If you are looking for the same from this page you can get it by scrolling down the page. 

Bihar Board English Examination 2020 Class 10th 

For class 10th Annual exam 2020 is going to commence from the 17 to 24 Feb 2020. All Subject exam will be taken into 2  sitting on the 20th Feb BSEB will organise English Examination for 100 Marks. In English Exam total of 60 Objective type questions will be given in which students have to answer any of the 50.

BSEB Xth English MCQ Questions with Answer Highlight 
  • Board: Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB), Patna 
  • Exam: Matriculation Annual Examination 
  • Exam Date: 20 Feb 2020 
  • Exam Sitting: Ist and 2nd 
  • Exam Marks: 100 
  • Type of Questions: Objective + Descriptive 

Hence for better and solid Exam preparation here, we have collected BSEB Matrice English Exam 20 Feb 2020 Very Very Important Objective Questions which is expecting to asks in the examination. 

Bihar Board Class 10th English Objective & Answer key 

  1. The main character in “Peace for Living”, which the author saw was a/an……….corn merchant.

(A) elderly (B) handicapped (C) Young (D) diabetic

  1. Gillu’s favourite food was –

(A) Rice , (B) Bread (C) Kaju (D) Jam

  1. Who is the writer of “Acceptance Speech”?

(A) Toni Morrison (B) Aung San Suu Kyi (C) Jon Lexau (D) Leo Tolstoy

  1. The banker decided to murder the …………..

(A) Guard (B) Servant (C) Gardener (D) Lawyer

  1. “Love Defiled” is a story about the relationship of the narrator with his…………..

(A) Brother (B) Girl Friend (C) Sister (D) cousin

  1. Which festival is referred to by the writer in “Little Girls Wiser than Man”?

(A) Holi (B) Diwali (C) Easter (D) None of these

  1. A happy man’s wants are satisfied by the property inherited by him from his……….

(A) Uncle (B) Mother (C) cousin (D) Father

  1. Rice and Curry………….his favourite food.

(A) Is (B) are (C) were (D) have

  1. He is known ………….me

(A) To (B) on (C) with (D) from

  1. यहाँ सभी धर्मो के लोग रहते है

(A) The people of all religions lives here.

(B) The people of all religions lived here.

(C) The people of all religions live here.

(D) None of these.

  1. The old women was ………………

(A) Foolish (B) wise (C) shy (D) bold

  1. The poet knew Martha when he was a………

(A) Servant (B) Child (C) Shopkeeper (D) Teacher

  1. In the story ‘The bet’ what the weather like on the day banker went to kill the lawyer?

(A) it was raining and very cold.

(B) It was sunny and very hot.

( C ) Both (D) None of these

  1. In the essay ‘Gillu’ the narrator found an injured baby squirrel in her…….

(A) office (B) garden (C) Veranda (D) None of these

  1. Jon Lexau is the author of………..

(A) The pace for Living (B) Me and the  Ecology bit

© Acceptance speech (D) Little Girls wiser than Men

  1. Laxmi Prasad Devkota has composed the poem……….

(A) Maratha (B) Koel (C) Polythene Bag (D) None of These

  1. In the story ‘Quality’ who ran the shop with Mr Gessier?

(A) Mr Gessler’s elder son

(B) Mr Gessler’s  younger brother

© Mr Gessler’s elder brother

(D ) None of these

  1. In the Poem ‘The Sleeping Porter’, What distance does the porter cover in the snow of Winter?

(A) Five miles (B) Six miles (C) Seven miles (D) None of These

  1. ‘The Unity of Indian Culture’ is an adapted version of Humayun Kabir’s Lecture delivered in-

(A) Delhi University (B) Baroda University (C) V.K.S. University (D) None of these

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