Is there are Different value between Regular vs Compartment certificate

By | May 24, 2020

We often hear the buzz about the difference in original and compartmental mark sheet. Having complete information always helps us to avoid any misguide. always try to provide you solid knowledge which helps you not only in Exam but overall development.

Regular Vs Compartmental 

We spoke to a lot of experts to discuss is there is a different value between regular vs compartment certificate. As a student you must have various confusion, In this article, we are going to share that is there is a different value between regular vs compartment certificate, original or compartmental mark sheet which is better? 

Difference in Regular vs Compartmental Exam

First, understand the difference in Regular vs Compartmental exam.

All those students who appear in the normal main exam conducted by Bihar Board are Regular Exam. Failing in any of the subject paper either in the external exam (Theory Paper) or Internal Assessment (Practical Exam) makes them sit for Compartmental Exam.

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Students pass the qualifying Bihar board matric and inter exam doesn’t need to sit for the Bihar board compartmental examination.

What is the passing percentage?

There is a different passing percentage for both metric and inter students.

Bihar Board Matric Students

Candidate will be awarded original mark sheet (Regular certificate) if he/she scores 30% or more marks in the practical exam conducted by Bihar Board.

Students have to score higher than 30% marks in the theory paper of all five subjects. i.e if you are Bihar Board Matric student then you will be passed by scoring 150 or more than 150 marks in all five subjects aggregate.

Bihar Board Inter Students

Recent changes in passing percentage have been implemented by Bihar Board Inter exams.

Now, Students have to score 33 marks out of 100 in non-practical papers.

For Theory papers, students have to score 21 Marks out of 70 Marks to be declared pass while 12 Marks out of a total 30 marks in Bihar board Inter practical exam to pass.

Note: If you score according to the criteria explained above then you don’t need to sit for the Bihar Board Compartmental examination. You will be awarded Regular certificate.

Compartment Exam Criteria

If any students failed in maximum two subjects out of total five theory papers except Hindi and other language paper then they are eligible for appearing in compartment exam. However, if you failed in more subjects then you will be declared failure.

If you failed in one or two theory subject exam.

Or you failed in three subjects then two subjects should be of language theory paper along with one more theory exam.

Bihar Board conducts the compartment exam for all such students and gives them chance to reappear and save their one year.

Note: There are only criteria for theory exam. Your practical marks will be carried forward as given earlier.

Difference in Regular Vs Compartmental Certificate

If you pass the main examination then mark sheet will be normal and it will show just like others.

In case of compartment examination mark sheet. Although you will be passed it will be clearly mentioned ** against that subject which will say you passed that subject through compartment exam.

Good News for all students that there is nothing to worry there is no real difference between regular and compartment certificate except that written symbols which illustrates you passed it one go in regular certificate while you pass it after reattempt in the compartmental exam. Most important is you passed the examination that’s what matter most.

In case you search for a job or higher studies then no one will give you less value during selection or rejection so just work harder for further without feeling any low.

If you want to ask something then let us know in the comment section. 

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    Sir , I wanted to ask does compartmental students are eligible to appear in NEET or any other entrance examinations ?


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