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Bihar Board around Bihar From the Science stream students conducted the Language Subject {English} 100 Marks. After appearing in the exam in First Sitting, students wish to get an overview of how many English Multiple Choice question answer is given correctly. Students using Google want to search BSEB LL English Objective Answer Key, Bihar Board Class 12th English Objective Answer Key for Exam. 

Inter-Science English Objective Answer 2020 

For Exam on 10th Feb 2020 Students can check Objective Answer questions wise by the above link. 

On this page, Students will get Answer for analysis for All Questions for set A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J. This year Board give question in 10 sets question paper in 2019. Students will get Answer for all 50 Objective Questions. LL English Exam conducted for 100 Marks and students get 03:00 hours to solve the questions. In the Exam Section, A total of 50 Questions aksed Objective Type and for 50 marks Descriptive Type. 

10 फरवरी 2020 ऑब्जेक्टिव प्रश्न का उत्तर 10 फरवरी 1 बज कर ३० मिनट पर ऊपर दिए गये लिंक पर उपलबध होगी |

Bihar Board 12th 2020 English Objective Answer 

  • Board Name: Bihar School Examination Board, Patna
  • Exam Subject: LL English (100 Marks)
  • Exam Date: 10/02/2020
  • Category: Objective Answer 
  • Faculty: Science 
12th English Exam Questions 2020 

In the exam questions will be asked from the grammar section and textbook. Students have to give the answer of all objective Questions and descriptive Questions. There is no negative marking system in Board Exam, Hence students can give an answer for all question even for which questions answer they are confused. Questions will be taken from the Poetry & Prose, Article, Subject Type Verb Agreement, Verb, Active & Passive Voice, Prepositions, Choose the correct Sentence, Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms and Phrases, Spelling Check, Time & Tense. 

Objective Answer Attempting Tips

Students are suggested to make sure the question number and their respective Answer before color the Option. Many of the students said that Do to questions confusion number I coloured the wrong option after knowing the correct Answer. Hence take care of these small things in mind while colouring the Option (A) (B) (C) (D). 

Below is Previous year 2019 Exam Questions which has been asked. 

इस वर्ष भी निचे दिये गये पैटर्न के आधार पर ही प्रश्न होंगे मगर 60 वस्तुनिष्ठ प्रश्न होंगे जिसमे की सिर्फ 50 का ही उत्तर देना होगा |

कृपया ध्यान दे निचे पिछले वर्ष पूछे गये वस्तुनिष्ठ ऑब्जेक्टिव प्रश्न उत्तर दिया गया है जो 13 फरवरी 2019 को परीक्षा हुई थी. 


BSEB ISC LL English Objective Answer 2019 

Q1. ………. Speak Spanish. Choose the best option

Answer –  Do not (C )

Q 2. They …………….here next week (choose the correct verb form)

Answer –  will Come ( D )

Q 3. Have you Seen………..Taj Mahal (Choose the Best option of Article)

Answer –  the  (C )

Q 4. Look ………….this painting ( Choose the correct preposition)

Answer –  at ( B )

Q 5. Those who work in the same department are …….. Choose the best option)

Answer – Colleagues (B)

Q 6. You must start now. You will miss the bus  ( Choose the correct combination of sentences)

Answer – Unless you start now,  You will miss the bus.  ( A)

Q 7. Patna is situated ……….the bank of the Ganga ( Choose the correct Preposition )

Answer –  On ( B)

Q 8. When sita ………….back, we will discuss the problem. ( Choose the best preposition)

Answer – Will Come ( A)

Q 9. Choose the correct Sentence –

Answer – She is the girl whose name is Raavi ( A )

Q 10. Radha asked Ravi where his father was ( Choose the correct direct narration)

Answer –  Radha said to Ravi, “Where is your father” A & B 

Q 11. A lot of energy …………wasted on finding the treasure ( Choose the best option)

Answer – was ( A)

Q 12. Marsha is reading a novel. Choose the best passive voice

Answer – A novel is being read by Marsha ( C )

Q 13. Choose the correct Sentence-

Answer – I have homework to do  (B)

Q 14. Drivers ……..drive over the speed limit ( Choose the correct option of the auxiliary verb)

Answer – must not ( C )

Q 15. The great scholar and poet …………died ( Choose the best option)

Answer – none of these ( D)

Q 16. The house was painted by Tom ( Choose the best Active Voice )

Answer –  Tom Painted the House ( D)

Q 17. Choose the correctly spelt word –

Answer – Committee ( A)

Q 18. He ………Video games. ( Choose the best option)

Answer –  Committee ( A)

Q 19. Listen! Radha …….the sitar ( Choose the best option)

Answer – is playing  ( C )

Q 20. When the sun is shining, we usually ……………for swimming. ( Choose the best Option)

Answer – go ( D )

  1. ………..he come with us? (Choose the best option)

Answer- Will ( A )

  1. I am ……………… my bed.


  1. “What do you want?” She asked him. (Choose the correct indirect narration)

Answer- She asked him what he wanted ( B)

  1. Chose the correct sentence.

Answer- I wish I were Young Again  ( C)

  1. John ………. in hospital for two weeks? (Choose the meaningful expression)


  1. That’s strange, our kids ……………….. watch TV serials. (Choose the best option)

Answer- Do Not ( A )

  1. The man was ……….. by a dog. Choose the meaningful expression)

Answer- bitten (A)

  1. Either of two ………. acceptable. (Choose the option)

Answer – Is ( A )

29. I bought these books auction. (Choose the correct preposition)

Answer- at ( C) 

  1. The Doctor suggested …………… take a vacation. (Choose the meaningful expression)

Answer- that the patient should ( C ) 

Q 31. English used since AD 1500 is called … Choose the best option)

Answer – Modern English ( D )

Q 32. John Donne is a …………… Poet ( Choose the Correct Option )

Answer – Metaphysical ( B)

Q 33. ‘Savitri’ is written by ………… Choose the correct Option.

Answer – Aurobindo Ghosh (A)

Q 34. And as we Walk, we make the pledge that we shall……… choose the correct option )

Answer – always we satisfied (A) 

Q 35. Seibi’s hobby was collecting ……….. Choose the correct option.

Answer – gourds ( A)

Q 36. Walter de la mare makes us aware of the …………….choose the suitable option.

Answer – inhuman condition in modern life ( A) 

Q 37. The English language is ………..then Sanskrit and Persian ( Choose the suitable option)

Answer – Younger ( B) 

Q 38. The Line ‘And the nightingale is dumb’  is taken from … Choose the suitable option.

Answer –  Now the Leave are falling fast (C) 

Q 39. The line to cease not till death’ take from ………. Choose the correct option )

Answer – Song of Myself ( A) 

Q 40. Macbeth and Julius Caesar ‘ are written by …………… ( Choose the correct Option)

Answer –  Shakespeare ( C )  

  1. The Great Vowel Shift took place during……………….. (Chose the suitable option)

Answer- Middle English ( C ) 

  1. The Waste Land has been composed by ………….. (Chose the correct option)

Answer- T. S Eliot ( A)  

  1. New verities of English that have emerged in different parts of world is called ……….. (Chose the suitable option)

Answer- New English ( B) 

  1. Dr Radhakrishan never lost his faith in the………….. (Choose the correct option)

Answer – essential humanity of Human ( B) 

  1. Our forefathers did not event machinery because………….. (Chose the correct option)

Answer – They knew We should become slaves ( A) 

  1. The sentence ‘after all, there is something in Hinduism that has kept it alive up till now is from ………… (Chose the correct option)

Answer – Indian Civilization and Culture  (C ) 

  1. The Line ‘In heart at peace, under an English heaven’, is taken from………… (Chose the correct option)

Answer – The Soldier ( B ) 

  1. Ideas that have helped mankind is written by………… (Chose the correct option)

Answer – B. Russel (D ) 

  1. Walter de la Mare was born in the year………… (Chose the correct option)

Answer –  1873 (C)

  1. Bertrand Russell was awarded Nobel Prize in literature in the year………… (Chose the correct option)

Answer – 1950 ( C ) 

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