LNMU College Wise UG Admission Second Merit List 2022-25

By | September 28, 2022

LNMU On the 28th September 2022 has been released the Graduation Admission Second Merit List 2022. First of all candidate are suggested to Check LNMU UG Admission College Wise Selection Merit List. If candidate name in the Graduation Course BA BSC BCOM Admission 2022-25 Selection in 2nd List, Can Download LNMU UG Admission Selection Letter

After allotment of Admission in the College students have to take Admission in Allotted course and college by the 10th October 2022. If any of the candidate name are in the waiting for them LNMU UG Admission 3rd Merit List 2022 will be release by 15th October 2022. Below you will get LNMU UG Admission Selection Second List College Wise.

LNMU UG Admission 2nd Merit List 2022 College Wise 

Huge number of students are searching LNMU UG 2nd Merit List College Wise 2022. On this page you will get completed Details to Download LNMU UG Admission College Wise Along with Admission Selection Letter 2022. Below we have provided the list for selection candidate for Graduation Admission. 

Overview of Mithila University Second List for UG Admission College Wise 

 Post   LNMU UG Admission 2nd Merit List 
 Category   Admission 
 Status    Released 
 Release Date   28th September 2022 
 Admission Start Date   28th September 2022 
 Last Date to take Admission   10th October 2022 
 LNMU UG 3rd Merit List   Check Details 
 University Website   https://lnmu.ac.in/
 Name of University   Lalit Narayan Mithila University 
 Official Website    http://lnmuniversity.com/ug_22/Default.aspx

Mithila University College Wise Second Merit List 2022 

College Code College Name Selection List
101 A. P. S. M. College, Barauni, Begusarai View
102 S. B. S. S. College, Begusarai View
103 G. D. College, Begusarai View
104 R. C. S. College, Manjhaul, Begusarai View
105 S. K. Mahila College, Begusarai View
106 R. B. S College, Teyai, Begusarai View
107 R. C. S. Smarak College, Bihat, Begusarai View
112 Mahant Ram Jivan Das College,vishnupur,Begusarai View

Darbhanga District College Wise Admission Merit List 

201 B. M. A. College, Baheri, Darbhanga View
202 C. M. College, Darbhanga View
204 C. M. Sc. College, Darbhanga View
205 J. K. College, Biraul, Darbhanga View
206 J. N. College, Nehra, Darbhanga View
207 K. S. College, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga View
208 M. K. College, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga View
209 M. K. S. College, Trimuhan-Chandauna, Darbhanga View
210 M. L. S. M. College, Darbhanga View
211 M. R. M. College, Darbhanga View
212 Marwari College, Darbhanga View
213 Millat College, Darbhanga View
214 Ayachi Mithila Mahila College, Benipur, Darbhanga View
215 Bahera College, Bahera, Darbhanga View
222 L. C. S. College, Darbhanga View
223 M. G. College, Darbhanga View
224 M. M. T. M. College, Darbhanga View
225 M. R. S. M. College, Anandpur, Darbhanga View
226 Mithila Mahila College, Azam Nagar, Darbhanga View
229 Nagendra Jha Mahila College, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga View
231 Q. A. Degree College, Jale,Darbhanga View
232 R. B. J. College, Bela, Darbhanga View
236 Sati Bharat Collage, Padari, Darbhanga View
242 Janta Degree College, Korthu, Darbhanga View
245 Subdivisional Govt. Degree College, Benipur, Darbhanga View
Madhubani District College Wise Second UG Admission List 
301 B. M. College, Rahika, Madhubani View
302 C. M. B. College, Deorh-Ghoghardiha, Madhubani View
303 C. M. J. College, Donwarihat, Khutauna, Madhubani View
304 D. B. College, Jainagar, Madhubani View
305 H. P. S. College, Madhepur, Madhubani View
306 J. M. D. P. L. Mahila College, Madhubani View
307 J. N. College, Madhubani View
308 K. V. Sc. College, Uchhaith-Benipatti, Madhubani View
309 L. N. J. College, Jhanjharpur, Madhubani View
310 M. L. S. College, Sarisabpahi, Madhubani View
311 R. K. College, Madhubani View
312 R. N. College, Pandaul, Madhubani View
313 V. S. J. College, Rajnagar, Madhubani View
314 A. H. S. A. College, Madhubani View
315 D. N. Y. College, Madhubani View
317 P. D. K. J. College, Andharatharhi, Madhubani View
318 P. L. M. College, Jhanjharpur, Madhubani View
319 S. M. J. College, Khajedih, Madhubani View
320 S. N. K. M. College, Bhairavasthan, Madhubani View
321 J.D.G.S Degree Mahila College Jaynagar, Madhubani View
322 Lutan Jha College,Nanaur,Madhubani View
327 R.N.J.Degree College Rampur Madhwapur Madhubani View
Samastipur District All College Second Merit List 2022 
401 A. N. D. College, Shahpurpatori, Samastipur View
402 B. R. B. College, Samastipur View
403 D. B. K. N. College, Narhan, Samastipur View
404 Dr. L. K. V. D. College, Tajpur, Samastipur View
405 G. M. R. D. College, Mohanpur, Samastipur View
406 R. B. College, Dalsingsarai, Samastipur View
407 R. B. S. College, Andaur, Samastipur View
408 R. N. A. R. College, Samastipur View
409 Samastipur College, Samastipur View
410 U. R. College, Rosera, Samastipur View
411 Uma Pandey College, Pusa, Samastipur View
412 Womens College, Samastipur View
413 G. K. P. D. College, Karpoorigram, Samastipur View
415 K. S. R. College, Sarairanjan, Samastipur View
417 R.L.S.R.S.M. Degree College Shivajinagar Samastipur View
418 Rural Institute of Higher Education Birauli Samastipur View
419 S. K. College, Thatiya, Samastipur View
420 S. M. R. C. K. College, Samastipur View
421 Sant Kabir College, Samastipur View
422 C.R College Rampur Bishun Kishanpur Samastipur View
423 Baba Vishwanath Kedarnath Vimala College, Rampur, Dudhpura, Samastipur View
424 Basudev Ram Kishor Choudhary College, Jitwarpur Kumharia, Mushrigharari, Samastipur View
428 Mahantha Narayan Das College, Chandauli, Samastipur View

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