12th Arts English Answer Key Download Bihar Board Exam 3rd February 2021

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Hello! Students of Bihar Board Class 12th Arts who given the English Exam on 3rd Feb 2021. If you are such visitors who willing to know Bihar Board Class 12th Arts English objective answer 2021.  This Bihar board English objective Answer key 100 Marks of Arts will help the students to get some idea about the number which can be obtained in BSEB I.A English Exam 2021. 

Bihar Board 12th Arts English Objective Answer Key 2021 

As you know that in the BSEB Class 12th English subject there will be 50 objective questions asked.  will be asked. students have to color on the right circle of Bihar Board Class 12th English Objective OMR Sheet 2021. We all result for dot in wishing you the happy exam and expecting that you may search for English objective Answer 2021 of Arts, BSEB I.A English MCQ Answer. Below we will try to provide useful information and links. 

English OBjective Answer 100 Marks

1. The synonym of Annual is Choose the correct
Answer D yearly

2. Let a doctor be sent for
Answer C Sent for a Doctor

3. The Antonym of Attractive is
Answer – Repulsive

4. I am tired ………..waiting for him
Answer – C of

5. The man who came …. would not get a seat. 
Answer D early

6. Choose the odd one
Answer D kettle

7. A teacher needs to discuss in the lcass, as it ……….curiosity in students.
Answer C create

8. Can the deaf hear
Answer D The deaf cant hear

9. We can make no progress if we continue working…………threw conditions.
Answer A into

10 Choose the incorrect sentence
Answer D he invited me to dinner

11. The Picture …………. on the wall
Answer C hanged

12. Choose the correctly spelled word:
Answer C proceed

13. Neeraj wrote this letter yesterday.
Answer C this letter was written by Neeraj Yesterday.

14. Why …….you come to the party yesterday?
Answer B Didn’t

15. I wish I ………a minister
Answer D were

16.He said, Be quiet and listen to may word
Answer – A – He urged them to be quiet and listen to his words.

17. What are you ………..about?
Answer B talking

18. Such conduct desreves reprimand.
Answer- Rebuke

19. This is a kilo……….rice for you.
Answer -( A ) of

20. Why don’t …………..go outside?
Answer A He

21. Of all the students in the class, RAm is solely.
Answer B the most intellgent

22. I’d Like …………swimming this afternoon
Answer D to do

Class 12th Arts English Objective Answers 2021

23. The Ruling party will have to put it own house …. order
Answer B On

24. We ve done our job,………….?
Answer B haven’t we

25. Give one-word substitution for: fit to be chosen
Answer A Eligible

26. Binita …………know the answer
B Doesn’t

27. We are going to talk with our enemies.
Answer B – Friend

28. The Teacher Says, Rose smells sweet”
Answer A The teacher says that rose smells sweets

29. Choose the correctly spelled word
Answer C Confess

30. Miss Eliza speaks …………… Chinese.
Answer D no article

31. I will meet him ……….the way
Answer A on

32. He labors hard. He has to survive.
D He labors hard to survive

33. I …… to drive that car
Answer A used

34. He said, where is my bicycle?
Answer A He always where is his bicycle

35. are you aware ………the danger?
Answer C – of

36. If you ………………, I will help you.
Answer B will come

37. Choose the correct sentences:
Answer – D He bride is beautiful

38. He was accused of
Answer C Stealing

39. He had read ………….vedas
Asnwer C the

40. Choose the correctly spelled word.
Answer D Remains

41. Rita did not clean the room
Answer C – The room was not cleaned by Rita

42. A place for luggage at a railway station is called.
Answer C – Cloak Room

43. I…….. like listening classical music.
Answer – A Do not

44. I…….my application yesterday.
Answer C Wrote

45. There is a …………over the Ganga.
Answer – D bridge

100 Marks English Objective Answer – Arts 

46. I saw two crows ………….poking their heads at the flowerpot.
Answer C playfully

47. He is ………….of me.
Answer – B jealous

48. Daylight ………away.
Answer – A faded

49. Choose the correct sentence:
Answer C

50. He said something. I did not hear it.
Answer C, I did not hear what he said

51. One man’s trash is another man’s
Answer D Damage

52. Smallpox has been eradicated…………. India.
Answer B from

53. Choose the correctly spelled word.
Answer B Atheist

54. Choose the correct synonym of Fragrance.
Answer B – Aroma

55. He wants seema ……….the work
Answer – A Does

56. Choose the correct sentences
Answer – A The railways will compensate us for the loss

57. I read the Ramayana
Answer D neck and neck

58. You will get the prize ……….. you deserve it.
Answer A – if

59. I …………eaten
Answer A have

60. They were watching me
Answer C I was being watched

61. The texts of which period are difficult to read and understand?
Answer B old English

62. Langland and Chaucer belonged to the ………….period.
Answer B Modern English

63. Who wrote A passage to India?
Answer A . EM Forster

64. Spelling Color is use id
Answer – C British English

65. According to T.S Eliot Macavity is an / a
Answer A – Maer Criminal

66. The soldier in the poem The Soldier is
Answer B English

67. I permit to speak at every hazard is taken from
Answer A song of Myself

68. However, rare – are it be
Answer D An Epitaph

 Bihar Board I. A  English MCQ Answers 3rd Feb 2021 IInd Sitting Exam 

69. The more we indulge in our passions, the more unbridled they become is tead from
Answer B Indian Civilization and Culture

70. The mother in A pinch of snuff was waiting at the ….. for her brother.
Answer C – doorstep.

71. The editorial policy of a popular daily is controlled by ……….child factories.
Answer – C four

72. Benjy owned a
Answer C – Honda City

XIIth Arts Bihar Board English Objective Answer Key Download 

73. India remains immovable and that is hear
Answer B

74 The food in Indian Villages were served on …………leaves.
Answer – A Banana

75. The …………advised benjay to keep hens
Answer D doctor

76. A woman has to observe various customs and rituals.
Answer D Pregnancy

77. Old English is characterized by
Answer B synthesis

78. Today it is impossible to think and imagine a world without the
Answer A – old methods of Agriculture

79. The 18th Century is known as the
Answer C Augustan Age

80. Oliver Goldsmith emphasized the purity of
Answer C village life

81. Come, My beloved is written by
Answer – A pearls S. Buck

82. But beleeve that I Shall make speedier journeys is taken from
Answer B Macavity the mystery cat

83. To autumn is a /an
Answer – B – ode

84. Her sights and sounds, dreams happy as hear day is taken from
Answer – – B Fire – Hymn

85. According to Bertrand Russell, …………. die in large number in winter.
Answer D Birds

86. …….were satisfied with the true home rule.
Answer – A Our Ancestors

87. I swore to save fire, From the sin of forgetfulness Is taken from
Answer –

88. Walt Whitman worked as a Volunteer nurse in
Answer – The Civil War

89. Who is dumb in Now the Leaves are Falling Fast?
Answer D Nightingale

 ALL English Arts Objective Answers 

90. The poet in Sanke ‘ picketed up a ….. log.
Answer – B Clumsy

91. Who sits carelessly on the granary floor in Ode to Autumn?
Answer D Woman

92. Seibi Would examine the ………….as soon as he got up.
Answer – A gourds

93. In the poem Snake, Lawrence exalts the values of …………life.
Answer – C Civilized

94. Snakes were seen, among …………in My Grandmother’s House.
Answer – B Book

95. Who wanted to kill the Snake?
Answer A The Poet

96. Who wrote Hyperion and Endymion?
Answer – B, John Keats

97. When is censorship imposed on the press in a country like Britain?
Answer – B During Emergency

98. …… is sweltering with the heart of Injustice and oppression.
Answer – C Mississippi

99. Lomov and ……….. are quarreling for the Ox Meadows.
Answer B Choobookov

100 The type of gourds that appealed to Seibi was
Answer – A unpolished

Inter-Arts Class 12th English Objective Answer 2021 

BSEB 12th Board Exam English Question2021 Format 

  • English Objective Type Question Combination of Grammer & Literature – 100 Answer any 50×1  =  50 Marks. (One Mark Each)
  • Bihar Board English Exam Short question  – 10 x 2 = 20 Marks    (Two marks each)
  • BSEB English Long Question – 3x 5 = 15 Marks   (5 marks each) 
  • One Essay –  8 Marks   ( 5 option will be available) 
  • Interpreation – 8 marks  ( 4 + 4  Question from both section) 
  • Letter Writing  –  05 Marks   (Formal & Informal option will be given. 
  • Condensation  – 4 marks 

Bihar Board English Objective Answer Key 2021 Arts 

Students of Bihar School Examination Board Class 12th Arts Stream have to answer in an English subject in two sections. In the first section, students have to give Answers to 50 English objective questions & in the second section subjective questions for 50 marks.  This year in the Exam Board given 100 Objective Questions in which students have answer any fifty only. 

How to get Arts English Objective Answer Key 12th exam 3rd Feb 2021 IInd Sitting? 

To get Objective Answer key 2021 of English Class 12th, Students after the exam can search on google or you can direct visit resultfor.in on this web page you will get all OBjective Correct Answer after the exam. Students can also find it on the youtube channel. You will get the link on this page. Previous year Objective Answer Key 2021  

 English Objective Model Set 2021   Download 
 BSEB 12th English Objective Answer key 2021 Available After exam

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