bihar board mb english 50 marks objective answer Science 7th Feb 2020 2nd Sitting

By | February 6, 2020

Bihar Board MB English 50 Marks MCQ Objective Answer 2020: Bihar School Examination Board has conducted the Examination of Bihar Board Intermediate Science MB English 50 Marks Exam on 07 February 2020. It has been conducted by Bihar School Examination Board at 1283 exam Centers around the Bihar State.

Bihar Board ISC MB English Objective Answer 2020 

In the Bihar Board Inter 50 Marks, English Exam total of 30 MCQ Objective type question has been asked and students have to answer any 25 Questions only. 

Bihar School Examination Board is going to take the Exam of M.B English 50 Marks for Science Stream total at 1283 exam centre around the Bihar. Questions in BSEB MB 50 Marks English Asked from Sketch the character of, Paragraph writing and Grammar sections. 

Inter Exam 7th Feb 2nd Sitting Objective Question and Answer 2020 

  1. I…. Living here since 2010.

Answer – C have been

  1. If I……to classical music, I can write a good poem.

Answer-     D Listen

  1. We… … Watching TV in Our Room.

Answer – (A ) Are

  1. Choose the correctly Spelt word

Answer ( C ) Principal

  1. Choose the correct meaning of the Phrase “Look After”

Answer – ( C ) take care of

  1. The agreement was signed. All were satisfied (choose the suitable combination of sentenced)

Answer ( A ) All were satisfied  when the agreement was signed

  1. It is raining….. (Choose the suitable option)

Answer ( A) heavily

  1. Radha listens to her mother ………… Choose the suitable option

Answer – ( C) Carefully

  1. Choose the correctly Spelt word.

Answer ( D) Address

  1. Choose the correct meaning of the phrase: go against

Answer – ( A ) Opposite

  1. I graduated from University ……. Punjab the year 2001. (Choose the suitable preposition)

Answer – ( A ) in

  1. She left London ……….. the 4th of March. ( Choose the suitable preposition)

Answer –  ( C ) on

  1. The child is eating bananas ( Choose the suitable Passive Voice)

Answer – ( C )Banana are being eaten by the Child

  1. These letters were written by a famous author. ( Choose the suitable Active voice)

Answer – ( B ) A famous author wrote these letters.

  1. Sudhir is ….. now. ( Choose the suitable option)

Answer – ( B ) Crying

  1. Pick the opposite of “haste”

Answer – ( C ) delay

  1. The book is ………..the table. ( Choose the suitable preposition )

Answer – (D) on

  1. She is ………….innocent girl. Choose a suitable article.

Answer –  (B ) an

  1. Who declares to David his intention to marry Agnes?

Answer – ( A) Steerforth

  1. How long after his father’s death is David Born?

Answer – (A) Four Month

  1. The world was beginning to look more like one enormous box is a table from (Choose the correction option).

Answer – C – Our own civilization.

  1. Where does David meet Steerforth?

Answer – C – At Agnes House

  1. If is composed by ……

Answer  ( C) Rudyard Kipling

  1. On Letter, writing is written by ….

Answer – ( B) A.G. Gardiner

  1. David’s best Friends were ….

Answer – ( B) Tommy and Steerforth

  1. It is not always easy to company to speak.

Answer – A Frankly

  1. Rudyard was born in…

Answer – (A) Bombay

  1. What has completely vanished in modern times?

Answer – D Writing Letter

  1. I will arise and go now, for always night and day, who says this.

Answer – B) Rupert Brooke

  1. The soldier is composed by…..

Answer – (B) Rupert Brooke

MB English 50 Marks MCQ/Objective Answers 

Now students seek answer key of M.B English 50 Marks Exam for Science Stream. team after the exam provide subject wise answer key, similarly other subjects you can get answer key of M.B English 50 Marks Exam. Questions which gather from the Grammar sector which are Idioms & Phrases/ Phrasal Verbs, Syntax & Verb-Form, Article, Voice, Preposition, Auxiliary Verb/Modal aux, Combination/Synthesis, Spelling Test. 

Official Answer key of MB English Update 2020 

Bihar board official Answer key of MB English also uploaded on the official website after the exam. BSEB around takes 15 Days to provide an objective answer, but from this website, you can get the correct answer key of M.B English 50 Marks Exam.

For practice Download Bihar Board Inter Objective Questions with Answer Exam 2018 of Science Stream

BSEB MB Alt English Exam 2019 Objective Questions & Answer 

Scroll down the page to check the Bihar State Intermediate exam correct answer key of M.B English 50 Marks.

 S.I No  SET Name Objective Answer
  1 SET A Download
  2 SET B  Download
  3  SET CDownload
  4  SET D  Download
  5  SET E  Download
  6  SET F  Download
  7  SET G  Download
 8  SET HDownload
  9  SET I  Download
  10  SET JDownload

Bihar Board 50 Marks M.B English Exam 2020

NRB + MB both subject exams are taken for the 50 marks each separately. In the MB ISC English Exam 2020 Total 30 Objective type question given in which students have to answer any 25.

 Bihar Board Class 12th M.B English 50 Marks Science Objective Answer  2020 Highlight

  • Board: Bihar School Examination Board
  • Exam Name: Intermediate Annual Exam
  • Subject Name: MB English ( 50 Marks)
  • Exam Date: 7th Feb 2020 ( IInd Sitting)
  • Type of Question: Objective & Subjective
  • Category: Answer Key
  • Status: Available on 07-02-2020 05:00PM
How to Match M.B ENGLISH 50 Marks Objective Answers

In the exam total 10 Questions sets given I.e. A, B, C, D, E, F, G & H, I and J. In all sets questions are same on different-different questions number. Hence on this website, we provide Answer Questions wise, so that students can match their answer in an easy way and estimate their marks in the exam. 

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