Bihar Board Physics Objective Answer Sheet Class 12th 3rd Feb 2020 Exam

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Bihar Board Inter Physics Objective Answer key Available 3rd Feb 2020 Exam. In this year’s Exam total of 42 objective questions given and students have to answer any of the 35 Objective questions. Match your answer with giving objective answers. 

Bihar Board 12th Physics Objective Answer 2020

Q1: Ongoing from the north pole to equator, the value of angle of dip

A remains constant 

B- Increases

C- Decrease

D- First decrease and then increases

Answer – B

Q 2: Binary of Decimal number 25 is

Answer – C ( 11001)2 

Q 3: A hot wire ammeter measures

Answer – D peak value of alternative current

Q 4: 1 amu is equal to

Answer – ( D ) 1.6 x 10-19 kg

Q 5: The refractive index of diamond is about

A 1. , B  1.5, C2.42,   D 4.14

Answer C

Q6: Which of the following is not an electromagnetic wave?

A light waves, B X rays

C- Sound waves, D- Infrared rays

Q 7: Which of the relation is correct for the magnifying power of the compound microscope?

Answer Key – B

Q 8: The lens which is used to remove short-sightedness is

A – Concave, B Convex

C- Cylindrical, D Plano-convex

Q9: If ᵑ is the angle of dip at a place, then the expression for tan ᵑ

Answer –

Q 10: The impedance of L-R Circuit is

Answer – D

BSEB Physics Objective Questions with Answer in English 

Q 10: Impedance of L-R Circuit is

Answer – D

Q11: Density of Nucleus is about

Answer –   

A ) 2. 29 x 10 7 kg m-3 (B) 2.29 x 10 -7 kg m – 3

( C )  2.29 x 10 x 10-17 kg m-3  (D) D 2.29 x 10 x 1017 kg m-3

Q 12: The power of the convex lens of focal length 20 cm in diopter is

A 4, B 5, C 3, D, 2

Answer – B-5

13: Iron is

A paramagnetic, B Diamagnetic C Ferromagnetic D non-magnetic

Answer Key – C

Q 14: The dimension of charge is

A – AT , B AT -1 , C A-1T, D AT2,

Answer key – A

Q 15: y-rays are similar to

A – a ray, B b-rays , C – cathode rays , D X-rays

Answer – D

Q 16: The least stable nucleus is

A 4/2 He , B 12/6 C , C 16/8 O , D 56/26 Fe

Q 17: Two capacitors each of capacity C are connected in parallel. The equivalence capacity is

Answer C: C/2

Q 19; Majority carries in P-type semiconductor is

Answer – C Photons

Q 20. The value of red colour in

A 0, B 1, C 2, D 3

Bihar Board Physics Objective/MCQ Answer Key 2020- Set Wise

Q 21: Atomic number decrease with the emission of a – particles from the nucleus by

A 1, B 2, C 3, D 4,

Q 22: Which of the following has unit volt/meter?

An Electric flux, B Electric Potential, C Electric Capacity, D Electric field

Q 23: Which of the following series of hydrogen spectrum is visible range ­­?

A – Lyman Series, B Balmer Series

C – Paaschem series D – Brackett Series

Q 25: Sum of charges on collecting plate and condensing plate of the charged capacitor is

Answer – A Zero

Q 26: Which of the expressions is correct for Lorentz force?

Q 27: Which of the relation is correct for radioactive atom?

A Half – life = Average life , B Half life = 2 x Average life

C, Half – life = 1.6931 x Average life , D Half – life = 0.6931 x Average life

Q 28: Cathode rays are

A electrons , B Neutrons , C Protons, D Photons

Q 29: On increasing the length of the tube of compound microscope ­magnify power

An increase , B Decreases, D does not change , D Becomes Zero

Q 30: Wavelength of a particle of mass m moving with V is

Download VVI Physics Objective Questions  2020 

Bihar Board 12th Exam 2020 Physics Objective Answer Keys 3rd Feb  

Here on this web page, provided all Questions 1 to Questions 35 Objective Answer which can students use to check their answer and estimate marks in the examination. Bihar Board Physics MCQ Objective Questions Set wise and Their Answer will be available to download on 3rd Feb 03:00 PM. 

  भौतकी के ऑब्जेक्टिव के उत्तर 2020 

 Particular  Status 
 Physics Objective Answer key 2020 SET A, SET B, SET C, SET D, SET E 
 BSEB 12th Physics Objective Answer key  SET F, SET G, SET H, SET I, SET J 
 Please Note: In all sets, questions will be the same on different questions Number. 
How to Download Bihar Physics MCQ Objective Answer Key 2020?

To download all objective questions and answer key students have to go on the official website for download, which procedure is given below.

  • Log on to the Bihar Board official website.
  • Go to latest update section where the link flashed for download the Intermediate Annual Exam 2020 Answer key.
  • Click on that link or Go to the circular section and click on inter Answer key.
  • Answer key section will be open.
  • Select the subject and select the questions set.
  • A pdf file will appear on the screen to save the page which contains an answer key.

Now you can match your answer with the given answer.

Bihar Board Physics MCQ Objective Answer 2020 

The Secondary Education Board of Bihar will avail an objective type written exam objective answer online to evaluate marks in the examination. In the exam of Bihar Board conducts subjective and objective papers for students in 12th.

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