Compartmental Exam Versus Improvement Exam

By | June 15, 2020

Some of the students have queries about Compartmental Examination and Improvement Examination. In this, post going to tell all the difference between Compartment and Improvement Examination. You also need to know the compartment or Compartmental Examination is also know by the Supplementary Examination.

Similarly, Improvement Examination is known by the Betterment Examination. Now Question coming what is the difference between both & who can give which type of exam (eligibility) & or anyone can take part in both examinations. 

Compartmental Examination 

Compartmental Examination is taken by the educational board, from the students who failed in the annual examination. Through the Compartment Exam, students can save year by twice appearing in the exam. As per intermediate, Compartmental Exam questions are less difficult as compare to annual examination questions.

Compartmental Exam Result is not considered equal to the Annual main examination. Students who passed exams in compartmental, such will not be allowed to fill some form, It is hard to say but true. 

If you have a dream for a government job or have to face any competition, then we suggest working hard and smarter and re-prepare for the exam and re-appear in the main annual examination. Students on one-time registration they can appear in the exam 3 times (Registration validation is 03 Year). 

Improvement Examination 

Improvement Exam is also known for the betterment exam. In this category, exam form can be filled only by those students who passed in the examination, but not happy with marks in one subject or multiple subjects. Improvement or Betterment examination form can be filled the same year in which passed or next year also. 

Students who appear in the Improvement Examination for them Board Re-Issue the marks sheet and another certificate given to the students. The improvement Examination fee can be higher than the compartmental Examination. 

Please Note: In the same Exam, students can not apply for both category examination form. 

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    i would like to know how to register for the cbse 12 th class improvement exam 2023


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