Bihar Students Think Before Graduation Admission

By | June 17, 2020

Now a present era youngster of Bihar State at least wish to complete graduation. Hence after passing intermediate (12th) and before enrollment for Graduation go through many points & it should be. Here in this post, going to discuss some of the similar things that Bihari students considering before taking admissions in under graduation courses.

In the accent era, Matric was also a valuable certificate for all points of view i.e. social status & the best part of it for the job also. But nowadays for the social status and for government jobs, at least graduation is minimum qualification is considering.

Graduation Admission before factors

Now almost candidate before taking admission in any of the graduation course they think which subject stream will be easy in Degree or General graduation. From which university/colleges should take admission.

Which university Schedule all activity on the time and within the course duration completed syllabus. In the state of Bihar many of the university which takes more than 5 years for completing the 3-year graduation course.

Graduation Stream and Subject selection

Most of the students at least 60% of students opt arts stream in graduation and 30 science & only 10% of students opt commerce stream subjects in Bihar State.  

College deciding factor

The candidate also looking out the college’s factor, before taking Graduation Admission. In it, they look out which college has good infrastructure, have good facilities for students. Which colleges fee is less and does not have an issue for attendance.

Bihar Students think before Admission in Graduation

Time & Facility has been changed now. Bihar State inter students on mobile using Google try to find out some of the basic details and concerns which is important for the graduation course.

 Bihar State All college details for Graduation Admission 

Some of the students migrate to other states for study as the professional course which wish to do.

Around 5% of students only able to do higher study by going to other states, their family finance background is strong and students willing to do so. Most of the intelligent mind they can’t afford such expense so that they took admission in Basic graduation course.

 What can you do ? After Passing Intermediate ( 12th) 

It can also be seen while doing basic graduation courses they do some extra courses and on behalf of that, they earn and manage their expense.

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