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By | December 2, 2020

English Honours Part 2 Questions 2020 is collected here at Lalit Narayan Mithila University.  Students who are going to appear in the examination of English paper III of Part 2 Exam of LNMU or other University, for such it will be beneficial. On this page, you will able to know which type of Questions in the English Honors paper asked by the university. In English Honors part 2 Exam paper Paper 3 which all most questions come from the 4 dramas. Which are listed below. 

Part 2 English III Exam Questions Content 

 S. I  Drama / Content  Writer 
 1  Edward II  C Marlowe 
2 She Stoops to Conquer W Shakespeare 
3 Twelfth Fifth Night  William Shakespeare 
4 Macbeth  Goldsmith 

LNMU English Honours Part 2 English Paper 3 Exam taken for 100 Marks. Subject Paper code is 0803. For Academic Session 2018-21, Part 2 Exam conducted on 01 December 2020.  To pass in English Honours Paper need 45 marks. In the Exam of English Paper 3, Part 2 Total 5 Questions Asked. Questions Number 1 for 32 Marks and Rest all 4 Questions for 17 Marks each. Let’s First go to the overview of Enligh Honors Second Part Questions then you can get questions. 

Today 02 / 12 / 2020 LNMU is to release LNMU UG 2nd Provisional Merit list 2020

Part 2 English Honours Paper 3 Questions 2020 – Details 

 Post  English Honours Part 2 Paper 3 Questions 
 Course  Degree Honors Course 
 Paper  03 
 Exam Date  01st December 2020 
 Session  2018 – 21 
 University  Lalit Narayan Mithila University 
 Questions Status  Available 

lnmu ug part 2 English Paper 3 Questions 2020

LNMU Part 2 English Honours Part 2 Questions 2020 

1 ( a ) If you can look into the seeds of time 

         And Say which grain will grow and which

                                  will not. 

    Speak then to me, who neither beg nor fear 

   your favors nor your hate. 


  Will all great Neptune, Ocean wash this blood 

clean from my head? No, this my hand will rather 

  The Multitudinous seas incarnadine 

       Making the green one red. 

 (b) Where, I like Arion on the dolphin’s back 

I saw him hold acquaintance with the waves 

So long as I could see. 


Dina’s Lip 

Is not more smooth and rubious, the smal’ pipe 

Is as the maiden’s organ, shrill and sound 

And all is semblance a woman’s part. 

(c)  My heart is as an anvil unto sorrow, 

       Which beats upon it like the cyclop’s hammers 

        And with the noise turns up my giddy brain. 


O! hadst thou ever been a king, thy my heart, 

Pierced deeply with a sense of my distress, 

Could not but take compassion of my state. 

(d )    That word ‘reserved’ has undone all the rest of his accomplishments. A reserved lover, it is said, always makes a suspicious husband. 


Prudence once more comes to my relief, and I will obey its dictates. In the moment of passion, Fortune may be despised, But it ever produced lasting repentance. 

Mithila University Part 2 English Paper 3 Questions 

(2)  Critically examine the role of supernatural elements in Macbeth. 


Discuss the dramatic significance of the ‘Porter Scene in Macbeth. 

(3)  Discuss Twelfth Night as a romantic comedy. 


Write a note on the significance of the title Twelfth Night. 

( 4 )  Discuss Edward – II as a chronicle play. 


Attempt a Character Sketch of Isabella. 

( 5 ) Discuss she stoops to Conquer as an anti-sentimental Play. 


Examine the plot-construction of She Stoops to conquer. 

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