How to score good marks in Maths || Maths Paper Tips and Tricks

By | February 2, 2021
We live in a society where students often perceive as good students or bad depending upon his/her intelligence in Mathematics. For many of the students, Maths becomes the nightmare which forces them to think how to score good marks in maths while other students know the Maths Paper Tips and tricks and score full marks in mathematics. 

How to score good marks in Mathematics 

Mathematics is perhaps the only subject in school days which not only helps you in scoring good marks but also fasten your calculation.  

Some myth about mathematics is only students having a logical mind can understand mathematics better. The reality is actually the other way around i.e solving mathematics questions helps you to develop the logical mind. 
To score good marks in maths, you need to prepare for Mathematics before the exam unlike some language or theoretical paper. Please keep it in mind your practice before the examination can only help you in getting good marks in mathematics. 
I will divide the maths paper tips and tricks into two parts i.e During the preparation of maths exam and In the maths examination.

During the preparation of Maths Exam 

  • Write down all the Maths Theorems, Formulas, and concepts in a separate register. You won’t believe it will help you immensely for quick revision.
  • Try to solve all the questions yourself. Scoring good marks in maths possible by practising questions merely understanding the theories and concepts will not fetch you marks but practising of questions will. 
  • Plan your preparation according to the syllabus of the Mathematics Paper. A crucial part of preparation is to understand the syllabus and prepare according to the syllabus. 
  • Practice papers will help you to understand the approach of the question paper. A full-length mock test will help you in better preparation. 
  • Improve your weak areas of mathematics paper. After the mock test analyze the weak areas of the paper and improve it by practising a good number of questions 
In the Examination Hall 
  • Solve easy questions first. While going through the complete paper you might encounter some difficult questions please don’t stuck on such tricky questions rather solve easier questions first. 
  • Write down all the steps while solving the questions. Even if students know the answer often makes silly mistakes by skipping some steps of the answer. You should know that marks are allotted in every step so by skipping any step will reduce your marks. 
  • Make Graphs and Diagrams wherever necessary. Don’t hesitate to draw graphs and diagrams as it better represents your answer. 
  • Write your answer clean and clear. 
  • Ensure all the answers written clearly before leaving the Examination Hall. 
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