Bihar Board 10th English Objective Answer 20 Feb 2020 Exam

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Bihar Board 10th English Objective Answer Questions wise 2020: Here on this page students after over of Bihar board 10th English Examination on 20 Feb 2020 can get Bihar Board 10 English Objective Answer Key 2020 for 1st sitting and Bihar Board Matric English Objective Answer 2020 for 2nd sitting. 

English Exam is taken for 100 Marks in which students have to answer 50 Multiple Choice Questions Answer from 60 Objective Questions.  

If you are also given in Bihar board Matric English Exam  2020 in the First Ist Sitting or Second 2nd Sitting then here you can opt questions wise update for 10th English Objective Answer to predict marks in the exam. 

Bihar Board 10th English Objective Answer 2020

Thus you can touch with us and explore our site for all update about the Bihar School Examination Board ( BSEB) Patna Matriculation Annual Examination. Most importantly we would advise you can do practice with following provided Matric Exam Objective Questions and Answer. 

English Objective Answer for 1st Sitting and 2nd sitting Exam Bihar board 10th exam

BSEB Xth English 100 Marks Exam 2020 

In the Exam Board gives 10 Questions sets i.e. Sets A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I & J. In all sets questions will be same but on the number of the different-different question.

English 2nd Sitting Objective Answer key Exam 20 Feb 2020 

Bihar Board Matric English Ist Sitting Objective Answer Key 20 Feb 2020 

1.In the town the nightingale is

Answer – C Mute

2. Indian culture is amazing because of

Answer – Vitality

3. There was ………….to look after the sun and moon.

Answer – A nobody

4. According to Martine Luther King, Jr. Humanity cannot be bound to ….. and war.

Answer B racism

5. Martha’s stories were listed by the Children with

Answer – D attention

6. Who has written the poem? The Empty heart
Answer A Durga Prasad Pande

7. The porter is out of
Answer- Money ( C )

8. The poet is an ode on solitude wants to live
Answer – B unseen

9. Aung san sau Kyi fought for ……….of the human spirit
Answer B Suppression

10. Gillu was buried under the ………..plant.
Answer – A – Sounjhi

11. The two girls, Malasha and Akoulya had gone to the …….to pray.
Answer C – Church

12. R C Hutchinson wrote that he watched a play in
Answer B Dublin

13 when Gillu was happy, he made a sound of
Answer B Chik Chik

14. The author finds himself in a hopeless situation when he goes to watch the
Answer – A Cinema

15 According to jim, Nobody wants to do anything about
Answer – ( A ) Ecology

  1. the colour of Gillu’s Eyes was

Answer  C Blue

17 Akoulya’s Mother struck

Answer B Malasha’s Mother

18 Nobody’s willing to do anything about ecology is said by

Answer A Jim

19 Binapani Mohanty is a well know …………..short story writer.

Answer – C Oriya

  1. Mr Bresselar Was a

Answer Shoemaker ( A )

  1. Who received the Nobel Peace on behalf of Aung San Suu Kyi?

Answer – B Her Son

  1. The old women’s house is situated outside of

Answer (D ) village

  1. When akoulya saw ………on her frock, she was angery

Answer – A Stains

  1. Health and virtue can be found in the people of

Answer – Village ( A )

  1. Allergens are of …………type

Answer – ( A ) Two

  1. Jabra was Halku’s

Answer ( A ) Dog

  1. According to Jim, Who users electric appliances the most

Answer ( C ) Young Girls

  1. Radha’s Friends are…………about Radha.

Answer (C ) Worried

  1. The polythene bag makes a ………..noise.

Answer – ( D ) Squeaky

  1. Who has written the poem “The sleeping porter”?

Answer ( D ) Laxmi Prasad Devkota

  1. Asha said “I never eat fish”

Answer ( B ) Asha Said that she never ate fish.

  1. My father said to me, Go home

Answer – ( D ) My father ordered me to go home.

  1. Sunita said to me, Thank you.

Answer ( A ) Sunita Thanked me

  1. He said “Where is my car? ”

Answer ( A ) He asked where was his car

  1. वह बाजार गया है

Asnwer – ( A ) He has gone to market

  1. तुंमसे यह किसने कहाँ ?

Answer ( C ) Who this said to you?

  1. तुमने गलती की है

Answer – ( A ) you have made mistake

  1. तस्वीर दिवार पर है

Answer – ( A ) The Picture is on the wall

40 The room is full ………..people

Answer – ( C ) of

  1. Sheela lives ………..her parents.

Answer ( B) with

  1. She is known …………. Me.

Answer ( A ) to

  1. Maya is suffering ………fever.

Answer – ( A) From

  1. Answer – ( B ) Fiery

45  Answer ( A) Quarrel

46. Answer – ( C ) Tourist

47. Answer ( A ) Jealous

  1. The passive voice of “I helped the old woman” is

Answer ( C ) The old mowan was helped by me.

  1. Active voice of “your shoes should be taken off ” is

Answer (B) take your shoes off

  1. Active voice of “Is Bhojpuri spoken by her” is

Answer ( B) Does she speak Bhojpuri

Hence we decided to provide English Objective Answer key of Bihar Board Matric 10th Exam Questions wise. So that all Sets students can match their objective Answer. Each objective Questions carry 1 Marks. 


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 2.  BSEB 10th English MCQ with Answer Guess VVI questions 2020 


Latest update: Bihar Board 10th English Multiple Choice Objective Answer Key 2020:- Bihar School Education Board is the authority to conduct class 10th Board exam annually as per the schedule at various exam 1378 Exam centres into 2 Sitting. Class 10th English exam is scheduled on 20th February 2020. 

Bihar Board English Objective Answer Class 10th Exam 20 Feb 2020 Details 

 Board  Bihar School Examination Board, Patna 
 Category  Answer Key 
 Exam Date  20 February 2020
 Subject Name  English 100 Marks ( Optional) 
 Class  10th ( Matriculation) 
 Type of Questions  Objective and Subjective 
 No of MCQ Questions  60 
 Need to Answer  50 
  Answer Key Status  Available after Exam 
 Official Website 

Bihar Board Matric English 100 Marks Objective Answer Key Official 

Bihar School Examination authority after the exam they will release the official Answer key after 2 weeks of the exam, But just over the exam website provide you Bihar English 100 Marks Objective Answer to evaluate marks in the exam. Let me guide you on how official English Answer key can be downloaded. 

  1. After upload by the Bihar Board, we will provide you the link. 
  2. Then first you need to select the subject. 
  3. After selecting the subject you have to choose Questions Set. 
  4. Then click on Download Answer Keys sets wise will be shown. 

you can match your answer through it. If you have objection then you can claim to board by using Roll code and roll number on the same portal for review. 

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