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Hey Students! Welcome you on this website. As you know Bihar Board is going to conduct the BSEB 12th Science Chemistry  Subject Exam 2019. Board conduct exam now in a new pattern as per the new pattern 50% Objective Questions will be asked. Students after participating in the examination want to get an overview about the marks in the Bihar board Chemistry Subject. 

Bihar Board Intermediate Annual Exam 2020 for Chemistry Subject taken on 4th Feb 2020 in the First Sitting. Students who are looking for Bihar Board Chemistry MCQ/Objective Answer Key for all questions. 

 Bihar Board Inter Chemistry Objective Answer key 2020 – 4th February 2020 

To get an idea about the coming marks in the Chemistry Objective Section, we provide an answer key for all questions. 

Inter Bihar Board Chemistry Objective Answer Key 2019 

Students of Bihar Board Class XIIth Science After the 12th Board Chemistry Exam want to find out Bihar Board Intermediate Science Faculty Exam Chemistry Multiple Choice Question Answer 2019 by using google through searching of BSEB 12th Chemistry MCQ answer. 

Chemistry Objective Answer Key Bihar Board 12th Exam 2019 

Bihar Board 10+2 Chemistry Objective Answers, BSEB 12th Chemistry Objective Answer sheet in pdf, Bihar Board XIIth Chemistry Objective Answer all questions. Anyway, Scroll down to get all updated information and on this page direct link to Download of Answer key BSEB ISC chemistry Objective.  

Bihar Board Inter Chemistry Questions and Answer 2019 

रसायन शास्त्र ऑब्जेक्टिव प्रश्न – आंसर के साथ हिंदी में 

Q1. CH3CH2NH2 is known as –

Answer –Ethyl amine (A) 

Q 2. H2 SO4 is a

Answer – Dibasic Acid (A) 

Q 3. Over production of acid in the stomach can be controlled by –

Answer- Antacid (A)

Q 4. IUPAC name of CH3COOH is –

Answer – Methanoic acid (A) 

Q 5. Chief ore of Iron is –

Answer – All (D) 

Q 6.  Dettol is used as –

Answer – Antiseptic (B)

Q 7. Ammonia changes the moist red litmus paper into

Answer – Green (B) 

Q 8. PH of pure water is –

Answer –  7 (D) 

Q 9. Which of the following gas cannot be collected over water?

Answer – SO2 (C ) 

 Q- 10 Formula of Sucrose is –

Answer – C12H22O11 (B)

Q – 11  The symbol of Helium is –

Answer- He (A) 

Q 12. Copper metal is purified by which of the following  method?

Answer – Electrolytic refining (A) 

Q 13. One Faraday electricity is equal to how much coulombs?

Answer- 96500 (B) 

Q 14. Second perid of table contain elements:

Answer – 8 (B)

Q 15.   Number of () Sigma bonds in CH4 is –

Answer –  4 (A) 

Q 16.           The Function group of alcohol is –

Answer – (- OH) (D)

Q 17.  PCI 5 is a-

Answer – Oxidising  Agent  (A) 

Q 18.  The formula of Nitric acid is –

Answer – HN0(A) 

Q 19. The hybridsation of N in NH3 is

Answer – SP 3  ( A)

Q 20. Polythene is polymer of –

Answer – Ethene (B)

Q 21. Nitrogen & Oxygen are –

Answer –  Metals  (A)

Q 22. Buna – N and Buna – S are –

Answer – Synthetic rubber (B)

Q – 23. The oxidation number of Fe in K4 [Fe(CN)6] is –

Answer   + 3 ( B )

Q 24.        Alcohol is formed when one of the hydrogen if Alkane is replaced by

Answer –  Chloro group ( D )

Q 25.  White and yellow phosphorous are –

Answer – Isotones (D) 

Q 26. Which of the following gas is mono – atomic ?

Answer – Helium (  B )

Q 27. Nitric acid is prepared by –

Answer – Photosyntiesis ( C )  

Q 28. Drug used to reduce fever is called –

Answer –  Antipyretic  ( A )

Q 29. The name of the compound OH is-

Answer – Phenol (B) 

Q 30. Transition elements are also know as –

Answer  d – block elements (C) 

Q 31.  Group I Elements of Periodic Table are know as-

Answer –  Alkali Metals (A) 

Q 32. A process of heating ore of metal in excess of air below its melting point is called –

Answer – Roasting (A)

Q 33. Carbohydrate which yield there to then mono Sachcaride units on hydrolysis is called –

Answer – Oligosacchariede ( C )

Q 34. Ke [Fe(CN)6] is a –

Answer – Complex Compound (B) 

Q 35. Oleum is composed of H2SO4 and which constituent ?

Answer – H2S (C) 

New update: 11/02/2019 Chemistry Exam going to held around the Bihar on 11th Feb 2019. Students after the exam on this page they will get Bihar board 12th Chemistry Exam 2019 Objective Answer Key. Answer key will be upload for Questions 01 to 35 for Set A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I. 

Bihar Board Chemistry Objective Answer Key 2019 

Our Team will provide the Answer key for the Chemistry Objective Answer after 30 minutes of over the examination. As we have Bihar board Intermediate all subject Faculties are available. In Chemistry Subject there will be 70 marks question will be coming include 35 Objective questions. Students have to answer Objective Questions first.

In Section, A  Question number 01 to 35 Objective type questions come with four alternative answers. Students have to choose correct one answers and color the BSEB 12th Chemistry OMR Sheet 2019 which is applicable. 

From where we provide an Answer key of MCQ 

We contact many Coaching Center in Bihar State specially in Samastipur District as our branch office is also there. They time to time update all information about the Bihar Board Syllabus, new updates and concerned information about the examination. Coaching centre has good experienced and expert teacher subject wise, After the exam over. 

We collect question and mcq answer from the intelligent students.  Later on, we give the question to teacher/professor to solve then we updated solved answer key of all objective answer of chemistry. 

To prepare of Bihar board  12th Chemistry Objective Answer 

For the help of BSEB I.Sc students, we on this website also provide Model question paper of Objective Question from the various coaching centres. Students can download Bihar Board Chemistry Objective Question with Answer key for better preparation of examination. If any students think that they have a collection of BSEB chemistry Objective Question which might be asked in board exam, then you can send us through the mail 

BSEB Chemistry-Intermediate Exam Objective Questions Answer 

If any coaching from the Bihar state who want to share important question of Bihar board Chemistry subject or another subject then they can contact us and send us Bihar Board Chemistry Objective Questions and Answer, we on this website update the all-important question of Bihar board Chemistry Objective Question with Answer sheet  with coaching name totally free of cost. 

How to Download Bihar Board Inter chemistry MCQ Answer sheet 2019 

Students who want to get / Download BSEB 10+2 Chemistry Objective Solution Sheet are suggested to allow this website to send notification by visiting This website after over the exam will provide the answer sheet of all chemistry questions. Students can also download by the following procedure. 

  1. First of all, open the google chrome browser. 
  2. Type Bihar Board Intermediate Chemistry Objective Answer key 2019. 
  3. A website list will be open then find URL below 
  4. Then you will get the detail of BSEB 2019 Chemistry Objective Answer. 
  5. Click on the link, question number with their respective answers will be shown. 
5 steps to Download BSEB 2019 Chemistry Objective Answer Key 

Students using easy steps, which we have provided above just in 5 steps can download chemistry 2019 all question from one to Thirty Five questions. If you are unable to download then you can also search on Youtube. Many of youtuber from our website they will provide you answer sheet. We on youtube also from this academic session try to update answer sheet question wise on our RESULT FOR youtube channel. 

Why Visitors like Result For 

As you find out correct information all about the Bihar Board and we also provide updated information from the Bihar board. You may be excited to know from where we get information. I would like to update you that one of the team members is working in the BSEB approved Intermediate college. website admin also collects information from Bihar state Branch Office. 

Bihar Board Chemistry Official Objective Answer key 2019

It is expecting that Board will announce the official answer key of chemistry and other subjects after exam end. Board approx take 15 days to announce the objective answer sheet in pdf. It can download from the official website of Bihar board. Bihar board all latest updates can find at After Release of Answer key subject wise you can get a direct link with steps to download BSEB Inter Official Objective Answer key.

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