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By | April 2, 2023

Hey, students hope that your exam preparation is on the last stage and want to know more about easy tips for examination preparation & How to score good marks in all subject. If yes then read this useful article. When you want to get good marks in the exam so, there are many tips which are helpful for you. After reading this you can achieve good marks in your exam. Here are Six tips which help to hit a sixer in the exam for scoring good marks. 

Tips for Score Good Marks in Exam 

1: TIMETABLE: If you want to get good marks so first you will prepare a timetable. In the timetable, you have to set the program for the whole week. Setting up the timetable does not work all the way so please follow it. Put the subject day wise in the timetable and start frequent study by the deep of your heart.

2: GOOD NOTES: If you want to get good marks in the exam, so this is very important to make good notes. When you are making good notes not only write the points even learn it by the deep of your heart. Notes are a very good reference when you go to study later. Try to make your own notes so that you can understand easily.

3: FREQUENT STUDY: In 21st-century student will go for study only the night before the exam. But this way is not good for students to achieve good marks in the exam. If you want to achieve good marks in the exam then study frequently. Study old and new materials. Study with supplementary books and sample papers etc. These books are very beneficial for the student. Try to solve the question papers of the last 5 years.

Some of the very useful tips which students should be considered which are given below. This all tips for exam preparation will surely help to score good marks in the examination. 

4: TAKE ADVANTAGES OF INTERNET: If you are not understanding any chapter of any subject, go to the internet either Google or YouTube. They have many notes and channels for you. In this 21st century, the internet is helping hand of ours. Search the lecture of any subject and understand it. There are many lecturer’s videos, you can listen to anyone’s video.

5: PRACTICE: Practice makes a man perfect and this sentence is a very good sentence for everyone And this is the main key to achieving good marks in the exam. If you are practice anything repeatedly, then that thing will be remembered by you very well. Basically, maths and physics fully depend on practice. If you want something quiet, then you have conspired to join him in the whole process. So keep practice and get the key to achieving good marks.

5: SHOULD NOT MISS TEST: If you want to get good marks in your exams should not miss the test because by giving a regular test, it will know how much your presentation is. The test is very beneficial for the student. At least it seems to know how much water you are in. 

If you have any tips for the exam preparation for the score good marks in the exam, then you can share with us through the comment. Your idea & tips may help other also to score good marks in the exam.

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