How to prepare for physics class 12th

By | February 2, 2024

Preparing for the board exam comes up with a lot of questions, confusion, as well as excitement. Having a correct method of preparation is quite important to score good marks in class 12th. We have already covered many topics during preparation. Preparation of different subject requires different techniques. In this article, you will learn tips on how to prepare for physics class 12th.

Preparation of physics subject class 12th involves many different aspects of preparation such as solving numerical, theorems, derivation, conceptual problems, etc. 

How to prepare for physics class 12th

If you are a science student studying in class 12th then you would want to learn a few approaches to prepare for physics class 12th. We will provide you complete information to prepare for physics class 12th. 

Firstly let’s know from where to study


Most students get overwhelmed with many books and underestimate the value of NCERT book. This book is a must. Every word, every sentence of this book is precious. Reason being, it does not have much explanation but direct facts! Never underestimate NCERT! Never Ignore it either! 

Use Reference Book: 

SL Arora, Pradeep’s, Comprehensive, VK XamIdea etc: These are references. You can use these to understand NCERT. Also, it helps in understanding concepts better. Not just for understanding but it also helps in the practice of physics problems as you will find various problems. 

How to prepare for physics class 12th 

Revision for Class 12th Physics: 

Next, the step of preparation is to have a proper revision method. Revise through books such as Oswal Sample Papers, Loads of free stuff on the internet, NCERT questions, Arihant’s Sample Papers, and quick revision notes.. etc. You are never supposed to get extra stuff for revision. Yet if you wish, you may buy. Although there is a hell load of stuff at various sites. For example CBSE Syllabus, Sample Papers, Test Papers

Method to study for How to preparation of physics class 12th

The extra help you require apart from school

Coaching Classes: Most of the students opt to go for coaching class. I don’t really suggest a coaching class if you don’t require it. Self-study is the key to every success. You don’t require any teacher to teach you ‘magic tricks’ for physics. If you wish to prepare for entrance exams or if you find the subject difficult!

Coaching should not be for teaching, it should be for doubt solving. Yet, If you want you should join the coaching classes, if you don’t understand what’s taught at school.

Self Study: This something essential. No one can underestimate the importance of self-study. Self-study is the essential time you give to yourself to understand every concept. Make sure you devote at least 2 Hrs to self-study each day for physics. If you study physics then you fall in love with physics.

Now, once you know from where to study and method to study it’s time to put those into practice. While preparing for physics class 12th then follow below tips which help you in keeping on the track of preparation for physics.

Tips on how to prepare for physics class 12th

Use charts and Diagrams: Visual diagrams can be really helpful while revising topics. At the start of a topic, challenge yourself to write down everything you already know about a topic – and then read the topics and highlight where the gaps lie comparing to your knowledge.

How to prepare for Physics Class 12th

How to prepare for Physics Class 12th

How to prepare for physics class 12th 

As the exam approaches, condense your revision notes into one-page diagrams and charts. Getting your ideas down in this brief format can then help you to quickly recall everything you need to know during the exam.

Know the weight of the important topic 

Optics is the most scoring topic containing 14 Marks. Study both wave optics and ray optics carefully.

Electrostatics unit contains 8 marks. This unit is really easy to score if you understand the basic concept, so start with very easy basic and reasoning questions to understand the chapter well and then move on to more conceptual and tougher questions.

Then comes one of the easiest sections which is ignored by many students but can make a huge difference. Atoms and nuclei, electronic devices and communication system and electromagnetic waves, mostly theoretical part contained in those units can be covered from scratch within a week and can gain you total 21 marks from all these chapters.

Note:  Most of the students spend a lot of time on electrostatics and magnetism leaving behind all these chapters and this costs a lot because the weight of every section is critical and should be prioritized accordingly.

Then comes current electricity, a unit which has basic Kirchoff law application, start with easy circuits and then move onto solve complex, also finding equivalent resistances between circuit should be practiced well.

How to prepare for physics class 12th 

Electromagnetic induction is an extension of magnetism so magnetism should be studied first and then move on to EMI, A.C. requires knowledge of capacitance, inductor and resistance relationships and you must have studied the phasor diagram or graphical method for the same, the direction of the induced current, falling magnet problems are often asked.

Magnetism Unit is purely conceptual, so do not try to cram or memorize it, understand the topic well through your teachers or online videos and then try to solve questions.

How to prepare for physics class 12th 

Dual nature of matter is all about Planck’s relation and de Broglie relationship with wavelength and can be covered from scratch/basics in a day.

More tips you can find on YouTube 

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Conclusion: If you want to score good marks for physics class 12th then follow above-mentioned tips.

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