How to prepare for chemistry class 12th

By | January 9, 2021

Every student going to appear for board exam wants to score good marks in the upcoming exam. There is nothing wrong with it but getting good marks is not possible without hard work, dedication, self-study, and correct direction. It is true that students have to put their best effort but our effort is to give you tips on scoring good marks in the board exam. In this article, we will share the tips on how to prepare for chemistry class 12th. 

Before knowing the tips on preparation of chemistry there are a few things to keep in mind first. 

Tips on how to prepare for chemistry class 

Chemistry has more facts than concepts and tests your memory power. It is in a way opposite to physics. Take the statement: “The melting point of the element is 380 K”. You cannot debate why its melting point is 380 K. It is just a fact that you need to remember anyhow.

You will score marks easily if you know the subject. Chemistry is mostly based on chemical equations and theory and weight for numerical is comparatively less. Hence if you prepare well, you can gain marks easily since you will be sure of the answers.

Tips for Score Marks in Chemistry 

Small mistakes cost you lot of marks. If your answer deviates from the correct answer, you cannot expect partial marks for your answers, It’s either you get full 1 mark or 0 marks for a 1 mark question.

You must have heard the rule of penalization i.e as you know theory exam paper for chemistry subject is of 70 marks and once you cross 60 marks. Exam Checker will be more strict in paper checking and paper will be checked twice or even thrice. In that scenario, your silly mistakes will not be ignored and you will lose marks. 

While attempting chemistry paper for class 12th always keep it in mind that getting a good score is only possible if you focus on two areas during the exam.


Preparation accounts for more than 70%–80% of your score. Students prepare for chemistry class 12th make few mistakes during preparation that should be avoided. This is a mistake that usually many make including me. Never skip any part of NCERT book including examples, chemical equations, and exercises, theory, and graphs. Even chapters carrying fewer marks such as the Metallurgy chapter which carries 3 marks can make you lose those 3 easy marks.

Not understanding the concepts properly: Though chemistry is based on facts, a number of topics have concepts which you need to understand and analyze instead of blindly remembering. This understanding of concepts helps in conceptual type and reasoning questions including numerical.


Presentation in an exam is like icing on the cake. Though a cake might be tasty, a wonderful icing will help to sell the cake off. There a few mistakes here too. Similarly knowing the concepts help you to attempt questions in the exam but the skill of presentation will fetch you good marks in the chemistry exam. 

How to prepare for chemistry class 12th

  • There are few tips which will help you in securing good marks in chemistry class 12th. 
  • Underline your answers: Once you finish checking all your answers after writing them, start underlining important keywords, phrases in every answer. It will facilitate the examiner’s ease and marks may be awarded in your favor.
  • Check your calculations again. You are generally more likely to make mistakes in numerical than in theory. Hence, after completion, check the answers for the numerical.
  • You should be clear with conversions of organic chemistry so that you can mentally create one compound into another. Give ample time and understand this part. 
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