How to speak English easily || Learn English speaking in simple steps

By | April 2, 2023

Learning English is important for people all over the world. Considering the popularity of the English Language everybody wants to learn English speaking in simple steps. It is no hidden fact that one of the most popular questions that come across people is how to speak English easily. Learning English seem difficult for some of them but it can be really easy to learn English speaking in simple steps. 

How To Speak English 

In this article, we are going to cover the all-important topic of How to speak English easily and will provide the tips to learn English speaking in simple steps. 

But do you know why learning English is so important in today’s world?

There are very good reasons to know why English is the most demanding language in the industry and our day to day lives. Few most important reasons are

Why learn English?

English is the most popular language in this world. No one can deny that moreover to support such a statement it’s better to know that at least one person out of four people speaks or understand English. Now, you can understand the global acceptance of English as a language on a world scale.

English has also become the language of the internet. According to official data, there are around 55% data written in English only so for the better presence of yourself and usage you must know the English language. You will be able to participate in various forum, communities and learn a lot.

Importance of English in Modern Time 

English is the language of Science, Technology, Tourism, and many major sectors so knowledge of English will give you a fair chance of getting a job in any multinational company or such major industry.

In today’s world, English is the most official language of the world. Around 54 Countries have English as their official language. Knowledge of English will give you a better chance to connect the world.

English is the language of Media and Entertainment, Most of the movies, news, television are broadcasted in the English language. If you learn English no longer need to rely on translation, subtitles, and other help.

As English is the most common language in the world. If you learn English then you can communicate effectively with people from other countries which will enhance the opportunities for you in other parts of the world too.

How to speak English Easily

English is not a very difficult language to speak, as most people believe. Learning English can be really fun. While learning to speak English, most of the people tend to make some common mistakes. People believe that writing and speaking are the same things, but they are not, both, writing and speaking, require a different set of strategies.

Strong Grammatical Understanding

I have met many people who are very good writers, but not good speakers while there are people who are good speakers but not necessarily the good writers. I have also seen many people who believe that a strong grammatical understanding is required to speak English fluently, but, I have many English friends who do not know the grammatical intricacies.

If you think that learning grammar will enable to speak English easily then that’s not correct at all. I will share the important tips to learn English speaking in simple steps

These are the important techniques that we should follow in order to learn how to speak English easily.

Tips on How to speak English Easily

Listening: To become a better speaker you have to become a good listener. Try to watch English news channel, English movies, English TV series like Game of Thrones, Friend, Prison Break or something like that. While watching keep your mind active and put the focus on how a particular word is pronounced. It will also help you in building a good vocabulary. Don’t Get impatient if you are not able to grasp everything it will take time.

Speaking: This is the most crucial part of the whole process. Try to speak as much as possible without shame.

There is a famous saying in Hindi “ जिसने किये शर्म उसके फूटे कर्म

Practice makes men or women perfect. The More you practice the better you get. Try to speak to your friends, family, your teachers and at every possible place. You can also practice in front of a mirror.

Reading: Many people ignore this part considering is irrelevant. Reading helps in thinking and give some food for your thoughts. The most important contribution of reading is a strong vocabulary. Reading will enrich your vocabulary like anything. You can read the good newspaper, Magazine, Novels etc. If you are a beginner, try to read a light novel lets say of Chetan Bhagat. While reading makes a list of words that are new to you and try to revise them again and again.

Writing: Many surveys have been conducted to understand how a mind works and what is the fastest way to learn a language. Results show that to enhance learning pace we must use our four senses. Three of them are already mentioned and the writing is the fourth one. Without writing you will never able to complete the process. Please keep in mind that the whole process of learning a language involves all the four senses.

Sometimes the above-given methods become too theoretical and you might need a really practical approach to learn English speaking in simple steps. I am giving a very practical approach to learn English easily. 

Learn English Speaking in simple steps

Well, if your basics are missing then I am sorry you have to start learning it. There are many books and the best one is by Wren and Martin If you know the basics then don’t go back learning everything from Noun, instead what you lack is how to use the language

Watch English movies as much as you can in English. If you need help then watch movies in subtitles.

Watch Interviews of celebrity and news debates such as NewsHour by Arnab Goswami on TV or YouTube.

Particularly I watch Gordon Ramsay get his style of speaking and better English Flow.

Read English novels and books as much as you can. If you feel you can’t do that, then read good newspaper articles such as The Hindu or blogs on the Internet.

Call Customer care centers of different companies and talk randomly about made up grievance. I used this method many times to better my speaking skills. Sorry If you feel it not apt but I used to call on my mobile service centers with fake complaints and used to talk in English That’s how I learned English. 

Now, the last and most important thing. about confidence. English is an Easy language to learn, put that in your mind. If you think it is difficult, you will never learn. Trust me, of all the languages in the world, English is the easiest one. 

FUCK Grammar and talk like you don’t care. This is the only successful method of becoming good in English Speaking.

Talk to native speakers: If you want to start learning English as a second language then you are not a native English speaker. Here is the trick Do you have any native English speaker? If yes then start talking to them it will help you immensely in your journey of English speaking.

Final Word Believe in yourself that you can learn English just like you have learned many local languages. Don’t let mind to trick you otherwise. Practice. Practice. Practice. Until you Master. All the best. 

Hope that following the above steps for speaking English, This all idea and information will surely help you to speak English. 

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