I.Sc Chemistry Short and Long Subjective Questions | Bihar Board 12th Exam 10th Feb 2018

By | February 11, 2018

Students who have to appear in the Bihar Board inter examination in next academic session, they are very excited to know about the Bihar Inter Exam Chemistry Question 2018. Students who are is going to enrol for Bihar Board Inter Exam this year in Science stream they are very found to know about BSEB 12th Subjective Question 2018, Bihar Board Exam 2018 Chemistry Short type questions & Intermediate Bihar Board Annual exam 2018 Chemistry Subject question of a long answer and short answer. As per students point of view, this BSEB inter I.Sc 2018 Chemistry Exam Question 10th Feb 2018 may play a vital role to get an idea about Bihar Chemistry Question paper of annual examination. 

About BSEB I.Sc Chemistry Subjective Question 2018

In the subject of Chemistry, there will be 35 objective question for 1 marks each and there will be 10 short answer question ( for 02 Marks Each) and  (3 long answer question for 05 marks each). Students who appeared in the exam they have given the Bihar board Subjective chemistry answer of a short answer as per instruction. Students have to also take care while giving an answer of BSEB 12th Chemistry long question in limit or word and as instructed.


Bihar Board 2018 Short Question Answers  

1. Define electrode and electrode potential.

2. Nitrogen forms only NCI 3 but Phosphorus forms PCI3 and PCI5 both. Explain.

3. Why does vapour pressure of liquid decrease with the addition of non-volatile solid salute?

4. The electron affinity of nitrogen is less than carbon, Why?

5. P- Nitrophenol is more acidic than P-methyl phenol. Why?

6. Write the structure of [A] and [B]

7. Write Friedel – Crafts alkylation and acylation reaction.

8. Define specific conductance & equivalent conductance.

9. Half-life period of the first-order reaction is 10 minutes. Calculate the rate of the constant of the reaction.

10. Describe thermodynamical changes when a gas is adsorbed on a solid?

11. construct electronic cells for the following reaction
(i) Fe + Cu 2+ —> Cu + Fe 2 +

(ii) 2 Fe 3+ + 2CI —> + CL2

12 Silicon shows only + 4 Oxidation state but in show both + 2 and + 4 Oxidation States both. why

13 Write the Chemical Reaction of NH3 gas with aqueous CU S o4 and Ag and AbNO3 solution respectively.

14 HI is a stronger acid than HF. explain

15 describe the method of Nitrogen of benzene.


Below is list of Questions Long Answer type which asked in BSEB 2018 Inter chemistry Examination 

16 . Describe the Kinetics of a first order reaction. Why is a first order reaction never completed?


For a chemical reaction the energy of activation is 80kJ mo-1. If frequency factor is 4.0 x 10 10 Lnmol. What is rate constant at 400K?

17 . Write the test by which following are distinguished:

(a)Ethanol and Acetaldehyde

(ii) Phenol and Carboxylic acid

(iii) Aldehyde and Ketone

(iv) Formic acid and acetic acid

(v) Primary, Secondary and tertiary alcohols


Write the following name reactions:

(i) Hoffmann bromamide reaction

(ii) Clemmensen’s reduction of aldehyde and Ketone

18 . What are the important ores of copper? How is copper extracted from copper physics?


What happens when:-

(i) Chlorine gas reacts with NaOH solution

(ii) Nitric acid reacts with Zn or Cu in different concentrations.

Inter Exam 2018 Chemistry Subjective Question of 2& 5 Marks

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Bihar Inter Chemistry Subjective Question

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