Inter XII 2020 MB English Guess Questions Very Important BSEB

By | February 4, 2020

Students who are going to take part in the Bihar Board intermediate Examination of MB English subject for such students here is very-very important questions. This Bihar Board 12th MB English Guess Questions 2020 can help you to know which type of objective questions asked in the examination. This All BSEB XII Inter 2020 Objective Question can support you into scoring good marks in the examination.

BSEB 12th MB English VVI Guess Questions 2020 

This VVI Objective Question is collected from the Atom Bomb which is prepared by A.Kumar number I English Teacher in Samastipur. In free time you can just give on view. In objective questions, the answer is also given in Bold font. Hope that Bihar Board Inter 2020 MB English 50 Marks exam will be super and you score good marks. let’s see all the VVI MB 50 Number English objective Questions. 

Bihar Board MB English 50 Marks Important Objective Questions 

  1. Choose the correct meaning of the phrase ‘Give up’

A surrender, B Transfer, C Obtain, D Distribute

  1. I shall not go out but if it…..

A rains, B rain, C will rain, D is raining

  1. She… long ago

A met, B meet, C meets, D will meet

  1. I waited for my friend until he ….

A come, B comes, C came, D will come

  1. This …. Building was built two years ago.

A a, B an, C the, D no article

  1. This is a type of ….. gun.

A a, B an, C the, D none of these

  1. People speak Hindi in Bihar ( Change into passive.

A People can speak Hindi in Bihar, B In Bihar is spoken Hindi, C In Bihar was spoken Hindi, D Hindi is spoken in Bihar

  1. Call the girl ( into passive )

A girl is called, B the girl was called, C Let the girl called, D let the girl be called

  1. She has a great interest …. Facts and figures.

A with, B by, C in, D to

  1. I agree…you.

A to, B with, C for, D in

Objective Questions with Answer Exam 2018 of Science Stream.

BSEB MB Alt English Exam 2019 Objective Questions & Answer 

  1. She looks….her child.

A after, B into, C from, D of

  1. ….. I go out now?

A can, B may, C might, D will

  1. He….join this job yesterday.

A may, B will, C could, D ought to

  1. …… you post this letter for me?

A may, B might, C can, D should be

  1. He worked hard. He felt tired

 A He worked hard because he felt tired

B He worked hard so he felt tired

C He felt tired so he worked hard.

D he felt tired and he worked hard

  1. I have bought a book. It is very expensive

A I have bought a book who is very expensive

B I have bought a book which is very expensive

C I have bought a book is very expensive

D I have bought a book is so expensive

  1. He may be at home. I do not know

A I do not know whether he is at home.

B I know if he is at home

C I may know he is at home

D I know he is not at home.

  1. Where were the daffodils?

A beside the lake, behind the trees

B beside the sea, C behind trees, D none of these

  1. “Everyone Sang” was composed after the end of …

A Rupert Brooke, B W.B. Yeats, C Siegfried Sasson, D None of these

  1. “If” shows the sense of

A uncertainty (doubt), B joy, C sorrow, D miseries

 BSEB ISC MB English Exam 07th Feb 2020 Objective Questions & Answer Update  
  1. I shall arise and go now

A if, B Echo, C the lake isle of Innisfree, D All of these

  1. “How many times the poet used” England in the poem, The solder

A Two times, B four times, C six times, D None times

  1. When a write bought a dog for 15 rupees, It was … old.

A Three month, B four months, C Five months, D two year

  1. Who forgets his baby and went to drink wine?

A father, B a mother, C a painter, D None

  1. Who wanted to make the author smart in the photograph.

A the photographer, B the writer himself, C both, D none

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