What to consider before making time table

By | April 2, 2023

Any student who wants to score good marks should control their complete study time. It is only possible when they make a timetable. Having timetable will give you perspective about the priorities to do in a given time.

While making and the following timetable helps you to be organized and it will make you motivated as you will be able to complete your study targets on daily basis but it is also important to know what to consider before making the timetable.

What to consider before making a timetable

While you make a timetable you should consider various points. As making a timetable after considering such points will be more relevant for a longer period of time.

Flexible with your timetable

Most students do this mistake by assuming that all the days and weeks will be the same but some weeks will be busier than others, and unforeseen things happen which you have not considered in your timetable. Remember that a timetable is only a plan or a strategy for your day to make it more productive. Try to follow it as best of your ability you can, but if you miss a planned study period, don’t get panic or motivated – look at the schedule, rearrange your time and make it up next time.

Make a realistic timetable

Making a timetable is to make you responsible for your work so while making the timetable try to be realistic about it. You should not get swayed by other people timetable but be aware of how much time you have and make it based on availability.

Consider before making the timetable amount of time you have to study and how much time it will take to complete your assignments. Different assignments will take variable time. Give yourself enough time considering the strength and weaknesses of your study. For eg., If you are in good in English then you will be able to accomplish it relatively early than Mathematics problems.

Don’t Overcommit yourself

  • Before you make a timetable consider the various other duties and responsibilities as those duties will consume your time.
  • Such kinds of duties and responsibilities are family obligations, give yourself time to play some rest or other leisure time. There can be some domestic duties also.
  • Don’t overcommit with other activities such as going to the gym, spending time idly with friends. As overcommitment in such activities will affect your timetable.

Conclusion: Try to schedule your timetable being realistic and following the above points. 

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