Why Most of students fall in love in college?

By | April 15, 2020

“Love” the word itself brings a smile to so many faces including me. When you love someone truly then you can’t live without them. Falling in love during college time is even more passionate than other love.

Students fall in love in college?

You must have fallen in love in college time but do you know the reason why most of the students fall in love in college? In this article, we are going to discuss the reason for students falling in love with while studying in college. 

Why Most of the students fall in love in college?

College is the place where you feel all kinds of freedom right after the restriction of high school pressure. High school seems immense pressure where everyone trying to fix you into a box while college gives you all the freedom where actually start feeling you can soar into the sky.

Facts for Falling in Love in Colleges

College time is the ultimate phase of your life where you just re-invent yourself and give yourself the opportunity to become completely different. It is also the time when start grooming yourself because you see everyone in college is well dressed, fair looking, engaged with someone or have a crush on someone. It is the time when you are more matured than school teens so definitely you can look for someone. In short college, environment makes you to the feeling of want.

College time is definitely the time of making and fall in love. Because of your age, you fall in love madly, deeply, passionately with someone.

Reason for Follow in Love in College 

Most of the college students go to a bar, partying, dancing that makes them closer to each other which gives them opportunities to know each other that’s another reason for falling in love in college.

College students go to watch movies together, during some college events or sports competition they work together day and night these activities closer to each other which eventually lead to falling in love with each other.

Psychologists Reason for fall in love 

Psychologists have to say that when you fall in love, you release very high levels of chemicals in the brain these includes hormone oxytocin which increases in production with the regular interaction of the person. College is the time when you interact with a person more often. It makes it highly likely to fall in love with a person.

studying along with fun

College is the perfect place for studying along with some fun. When you are in high school you feel all kinds of pressure, disciplines while you know that after college you will enter into a professional life where you will not get much time either. So college time becomes the perfect time and place for having some fun along with some serious study.

College time is the one when you have less pressure from parents and mature to refuse friends suggestion so you can make your own rule of relationship. This liberty makes you more independent to fall in love in college.

Conclusion: In our opinion, love is a wonderful feeling and you should fall in love in college but don’t prioritize it before your study. Love making in college is the time when you fall in love with a young heart and mature mind which is the best way to start out the life.

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