Best Tips/ Idea for remember Answer of Questions

By | April 2, 2023

As a student, no one wants to study all nights and then suddenly forgot to recall whatever you read in the exam hall. If that’s something which you have also experienced then you are no different than most of the students. In this post, you will learn a practical approach to this problem as we will share the Best tips for remembering answer of questions. 

Mentioned approaches are prepared based on the experience of good students who performed well in the exam. Read further to know

Best tips/way for remembering answer of questions 

1. Fully Understand the topic

Most of the students do the mistake of picking the complex book and don’t understand the topics clearly because of tough language. Without understanding as exams approaches they do all the hard work in cramming the concept. That will never work.

To remember anything from your study, the most important is to completely understand each topic. If you find difficulty in understanding of any topic due to the language then go for the simpler book. Understand that concept from all angles. Understand the practical nuances of that topic.

2. Treat your time in class as review time.

Even if you are in school, you will have to grasp the fact that your school teacher or coaching tutor is paid teacher and more often it charges you a high fee.
They will not teach you everything from the subject. Instead, at a college level professor/lecturer is supposed to review the important material in class. So never go to class without reading in prior rather always follow this important point. 

Tips for remembering answers

Go to class by reading the relevant chapter or topics in advance and aim to understand as much as you can or at least get acquainted with concepts. Consider your regular class as review class and ask questions from the portions you couldn’t understand. After class review, those topics taught in the class that you don’t understand first hand.

By studying in prior and treating you class as review class. You will pay more attention and make the most out of your time in class instead of just being physically present.

How to remeber Question Answers 

3. Make notes of the topics you don’t remember

I will suggest following one interesting activity i.e to make note cards of the topics that you couldn’t understand easily. Read that note cards daily without fail until you grasp it completely.
Few smart fellow students in my class used to put such note cards in the flip-book on their dinner table or hang them on the door or most common places so they would see them as often as possible. You can also try out this activity.
By doing this activity you won’t review the topic just once but multiple times and reviewing consistently multiple times helps you remember it perfectly.

4. Revise the topics once a week with friends.

You can plan 3-4 hour study session with a group of friends on important topics or the one you feel difficult to prepare. Trust me such kind of group study helps immensely in understanding the topics as well as remembering it.
While making such kind of group always ensure that you include only those friends into a group who are serious about the study and contribute positively in such a study session. For instance, someone might be good at mathematics while other may be good in science so in a way eventually, you will have good students on every subject in the group without deliberating making efforts.

5. Try to explain the subject to someone else

The best way to remember what you read is to teach it. Teaching others what you know helps to recall everything (90% of what you read can recall while teaching). Teaching others helps you to understand. You would figure out quickly what you don’t know, and what the gaps are. Then go back to the books, and repeat and refine the knowledge so that the gaps are filled.

Conclusion: I would encourage you to follow above Best tips/way for remember answer of questions and you will see the difference for yourself. 

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    This tip will be very useful for that students that not remember properly and fail in examination


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