How Previous Exam Question is Helpful

By | April 2, 2023

Preparation of the exam always seems a headache for most of the students. While some of the students know the secret of success in the examination. In this article, you will know How previous exam question is helpful? Getting success in the examination is not a fluke but it can be achieved through proper planning and following it with full dedication.

During the preparation of examination, it is important to practice from the previous year questions.

Why practice from previous year question paper?

There are certain advantages to practising from the previous year questions.

Few of them are Overcoming the fear of examination: The most prominent reason for the practice previous year question paper is to overcome any kind of fear of the examination. More often it has been noticed that students failed to perform better in the examination because of the fear associated with the examination. Practising previous year question papers well before the examination will help them to get acquainted with the upcoming question paper hence reduced the fear of the exam.

Better Revision: No matter how good you have prepared for the exam but without revision, you won’t able to recall everything in the exam hall. Practicing from previous year question paper gives you a wonderful opportunity to brush up your knowledge. There is no better way of revision than solving previous year papers.

How previous exam question is helpful

Attempting old question papers gives an opportunity to assess oneself and these should be attempted seriously as if one is sitting in the actual exam. One can assess the standing and time factor.

It also adds to confidence. You know the style and the mixture of easy and complicated questions and master the art of balancing to maximize scores which ultimately matter. Also, there is a possibility that many of the questions may be repeated, or presented with a slight variation.

Practicing form the previous year questions give you a fair idea of the question paper. Previous year question papers are really important. Not because many questions are repeated most of the times, but also because they help us get good practice. 

How Previous Exam Question Paper is Helpful 

Also, previous year question papers are the only source of quality practice which we need to face in the examination. These papers ensure you are in sync with the question paper format as well. Also, it helps us to acclimatize to the level of difficulty of the exam.

The previous year question papers help us in a long way as shown by the results. Students preparing for the examination, have a very good personal experience of as well. During the month before matriculation exams, all good students do run through every previous year question papers they could find.

This helped them get perfection and also the much-needed familiarity with the exam paper pattern. Students get massive help through the previous year question paper hence we suggest every student should take a shot at the previous papers as they give us first-hand experience of the exam. 

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