Bihar Board ISC MB English 50 Mark Objective Answer 16/02/2019 || BSEB Inter English 50 Number Objective Questions With Answer

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For the Science Stream Students and all other stream students, Today 16/02/2019 is the date on which all subject and all stream of intermediate Examination end. On 16th Feb in the Second Sitting Board conducted the BSEB 12th MB English for 50 Mark. All the students have to compulsory to participate in Bihar board MB Exam 2019. 

Bihar Board Intermediate English 50 Objective Answer 2019 

After they participate in the exam students surely wish to know how may Bihar Board 50 Marks English Objective Questions Answer they given correctly. If you also want to know how many MB English Objective Answer 2019 on OMR Sheet you coloured correctly and wish to estimate marks in the Examination. Then you are Welcome on this page. 

Bihar Board Inter Exam 50 Number English Objective Answer 

Here on this page, your search for Bihar Board Inter Exam 50 Number English Objective Answer 2019, MB English Objective Answer key 2019 & BSEB XIIth MB English Objective Answer will get here destination for the search of Bihar School Examination Board Intermediate Annual Exam 2019 for English 50 Marks Exam Answer / Solution. 

NRB Hindi 50 Marks Objective Answer All Questions 2019 

BSEB ISC MB English Objective Answer 2019 

  • Board: Bihar School Examination Board
  • Exam Name: Term End Annual Exam 
  • Session: 2017-19 
  • Exam Subject: English 50 Marks 
  • Category: Objective Answer 
Intermediate ISC MB English Questions with Answer 2019 
  1. We decided (Buy ) an New, Car ( Choose the most suitable Option

Answer – We decided to buy a new car. ( A) 

2. Choose the suitable meaning of the phrase ‘break into’

Answer – Enter by Force ( C ) 

3. Choose the suitable meaning of the phrase ‘a Big Draw’.

Answer – A Huge big Attraction ( B) 

4. Our Grandmother is arriving ….the 3.30 train.

Answer –By ( D) 

5. Choose the following word correctly spelt:

Answer – Adolescence ( D)

6. Please wait for me at home until I … from office ( Choose the suitable option).

Answer – Please wait for me at home until I return from office  ( D ) 

7. The accused was guilty. He admitted this in court.

Answer – The accused admitted in court that he was guilty. ( A ) 

8. …… Lion is a ferocious animal. Choose the most suitable option)

Answer – The ( B) 

9. When the morning …..the murder was discovered.

Answer – Came ( A) 

10. Women like men to flatter them. ( Choose the most suitable passive Voice)

Answer- Women like to flattered by Man ( C ) 

11. Radha sits ……..Rekha and sita. Choose the suitable preposition)

Answer- Between ( D)

12. My father ……..newspaper after getting up ( Fill the blank with most suitable option)

Answer- reads ( C )

13. He wrote a letter. He sent it through the messenger. (Choose the suitable combination of the sentence).

Answer – He wrote a letter and sent it through the messenger ( C ) 

14. Avoid ( Make) silly mistake. (Choose the most suitable option)

Answer – Avoid making silly mistakes ( D) 

15. The film was funny……..the end. ( Choose the suitable preposition)

Answer – At ( A)

  1. Why is David sent to Salem House?

Answer- Because he beats Mr Murdstone hand  ( C) 

  1. ‘Good manners’ is written by………… (Chose the correct option)

Answer – J.C. Hill ( B)

  1. ‘The Solider’ is a/an………….. (Chose the correct option)

Answer-  Sonnet ( C ) 

  1. What does Peggotty object to? (Chose the correct option)

Answer- Mr Mrdstone courting David’s Mother ( B) 

  1. According to Robert Lynd, absent-mindedness is……… (Chose the correct option)

Answer- Ordinary ( D)  

  1. ‘Man is the most restless and energetic of all living creature’; It is taken from………………

(Chose the correct option)

Answer – Our own Civilization ( C ) 

  1. Which of the following characters’ is a Dwarf? (Chose the correct option)

Answer-  Miss Emilly ( A) 

  1. Why does David go to Yarmouth? (Chose the correct option)

Answer-   To visit Peggotty’s family (B)

  1. ‘As prisoned birds must find in freedom’; is taken from………. (Chose the correct option)

Answer- Everyone ( A) 

  1. The line, “And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow”, occurs in the poem…………. (Chose the correct option)

Answer  – Lake Isle Innisfree ( D ) 

How to Search Bihar Board English 50 Objective Answer 
  1. Go to the Google, Search BSEB Inter MB English MCQ Answer 2019 
  2. A list of information will show from the 
  3. Click on MB English Answer 2019 Bihar board Link 
  4. A page will be open, Read the questions and match your answer. 
  5. After matching your answer you can estimate your marks in the Exam. 

MB English Exam 2019  

This year Board from the Science stream students taken NRB + MB Subject Exam Separately Because Students might make mistake in the filling of the Questions set number. Like NRB Questions Set Number in MB OMR Sheet / Answer sheet 2019 or MB Questions set in the NRB OMR Sheet / Answer Sheet. To avoid such a mistake board taken the good step. 

Bihar Board Intermediate 2019 Annual Exam

How completed your Bihar Board Intermediate 2019 Annual Exam, Please lets us know by the comment. Netwarelogy Web Private Limited and team is wishing you a good result! 

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