How to Prepare Online for Board Exam

By | August 26, 2023

Hello Students! We know that if you are board students then you must be preparing hard for the upcoming Board Exam. Preparing board exam effectively is important for getting good marks in the board exam. 

How to Prepare Online for Board Exam 

The importance of Online study can’t be ignored in today’s world. Many students take online courses for better preparation for their board exams. Through this article, we are giving you a few tips about how to prepare online for the board exam. 

Make Effective Study Routine

Having a good time table for the study is the most important aspect of exam preparation. You should allocate enough time for all the subjects, especially for weaker subjects. Following a balanced time table will help you in focusing on all the subjects equally. 

how to prepare online exam

Organize Study Topics to cover

After making a good timetable, the student should list down all the study topics that need to cover because while studying online it is important to keep track of study progress. Allocate time for each topic so that you can have productive study sessions. 

Prepare Study Topics using Charts, Mind Maps, Graphs, etc. 

Preparing difficult topics using charts, graphs, mind maps or other techniques helps to memorize concepts. It will also help you in last-minute exam preparation just before the exam. 

Practice Previous Year Question Paper with pen and paper

Those students going to appear for the upcoming board exam knows the importance of practicing the previous year question paper. Practicing last year’s question papers gives you a complete structure of the question paper. You should be mindful to practice last year’s question paper with pen and paper rather just orally going through it. 

Revise Weak Subjects

During Exam preparation, students will realize some topics and subjects as weaker subjects. You should devote more time and practice weak subjects and topics before the exam. 

 👉Make Strategy for attempting Question Paper

Most of the students miss this idea of having a strategy for how to attempt question papers. You should have a strategy for how to attempt question papers in a given time otherwise students always have a complaint of less time in the exam. 

💻Choose Best Online Platform for Board Exam Preparation

Choosing the Best Online Platform for your Board Exam Preparation is tricky. There are lots of Online Platform available for students to prepare. 


Vedantu provides online study materials such as Notes, Sample Papers (Practice Papers), Test Series, etc. to students. Board Exam Takers who want to practice a lot can register themselves and practice form this platform. 

Topper Learning 

Topper offers free online sample paper for board students appearing in class 10th and 12th board examination. You can get the solution of the sample papers via downloading it for free from the website. 

myCBSE Guide

Those students preparing for CBSE Board Exam can get sufficient study materials such as Sample Papers, NCERT Books Solution, Study Notes, Previous Year Question Papers. This can suffice your board exam preparation completely. 

Math Trick 

Such students having maths phobia should note down this amazing online platform. Math Trick will teach faster calculation, mathematics formulas in a quick addictive game/puzzle. This will immensely help you in attempting board exams in a given time. 


This is one of the largest Ed-Tech Startups in India. You can prepare Online for Board Exam through their Online videos, PowerPoints Presentation, Sample Papers, etc. 

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We have covered the most trusted online platforms which can surely help you in preparing Online for the Board Exam. Following above mentioned online platforms can self-study with discipline will benefit you. 

If you have any questions to ask then comment us below. 

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