How to write Answer in the Exam || Steps to explain answers in board exam

By | January 3, 2020

How to write Answer in the Exam: The way you put your mugged up knowledge in your exam is more important than how much knowledge you have. So the right way you put your knowledge holds the key to score better.

It is a known fact that the students become nervous due to the devastating competition. This competitive pressure usually makes them forget what they have learnt. This is pretty natural and by following a few simple steps one can easily write his exam.

How to write Answer in the Exam Tips 


Mostly in the exams, there are questions with alternative options. You have to carefully select the questions where you have better content to write. The questions about which you have better knowledge. The anxiety level should not be the reason for ending up choosing the wrong question. Create an image in your mind about what you will write and then start off.


Writing your answers with charts and diagrams will always help you explain your answers in a far more better way. There are some questions where words can go either wrong or inefficient in explanation. Diagrams and charts are always the best way for this. It not only explains your answer better but gives an impression of creative presentation.


Always use proper words in your answers. Do not use abbreviations or short forms. They do not look presentable. Always try to use to the point sentences which are related to the topic to improve the quality of your answer. The more incisive and crisp your words are, the more accurate your answer looks. Always try to write your answer with the right keywords covering all the points.


The start of an answer should be the rephrased sentence of the question itself. This gives a clear idea of what you are going to answer.  Proceed with the answer covering all the points. It will include the reference to any diagram or chart you have made. At last, the end of any answer should be a conclusion of all the points covered. This usually works in a long answer type of question. For short answer type question, just the concise answer is required.


In the exam, the mind may wander a bit from the topic. Sometimes the number of topics learnt to make it confusing in relating to the question asked. But you should carefully read the question and think about it twice before attempting. Gather all the points and contents in your mind. Writing unnecessarily will only provide information which is not required and you may lose points. If ever you feel that you are going away from the topic, read the question again. Connect the points related to the topic and start writing the answer.


Sometimes just the answer may not be helpful to explain a topic. Usage of related facts and figures will improve the quality of the answer. If ever you are short with words in making your answer understood you may include some facts to improve your answer. This will give the examiner an impression regarding your good knowledge about the topic. 

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